CEP/IRP Stakeholder Feedback

Integrated Resource Planning and Clean Energy Planning

Portland General Electric requests that partners provide feedback upon the conclusion of each public input meeting and/or partner conference call. We value your input, and partner feedback is critical to the CEP/IRP public input process. We ask that partners provide comments using the form below, which will allow us to review and summarize comments by topic and to readily identify specific recommendations. Information collected will be used to better inform issues included in the CEP/IRP, such as the process, assumptions, and analysis. 

PGE uses the CEP/IRP process to gather feedback and share information with partners. In the CEP/IRP, PGE does not share restricted or confidential information since there is no OPUC protective order in place and participants are not asked to sign confidentiality agreements. Published responses to questions reflect PGE’s perspective at the time which may evolve, PGE will provide updates as applicable.