Clean Energy Future

If you’re in the energy business, you’d better be in the clean energy business. Long ago we realized if we – and by we, we mean all of us – were to have any chance at a better future, then we needed to move away from climate-changing fossil fuels.

A clean energy future depends on us using more and more renewable and clean resources, and to use them effectively, with a smarter grid that can harness electricity from sources like wind and solar when they’re available and store that energy for when it’s needed.

An Oregon kind of energy should be easy, rewarding and possibly even fun.

It takes a village

You’re part of this Oregon kind of energy too. How and when you use energy can have a large impact. And it’s not difficult. In fact, you may discover you’re really good at it!

You’ve got an Oregon kind of energy about you. We like that!

There are lots of great ways to get involved in a cleaner, better tomorrow. However you choose, you’ll be a part of an enthusiastic and creative community of wise energy users.

Save energy

There are lots of ways to save energy. We have tips and resources that will help. Not only will you end up using less energy but, in many cases, you’ll lower your bill.

Shift use

Shift your energy use away from high-demand times with programs like our Peak Time Rebates, Smart Thermostat Program, or for businesses large and small, Energy Partner.

Swap sources

Join the nation’s #1 renewable energy program that lets you decide how much more clean energy you’d like to use. Or consider an electric ride. Electric fuel is cleaner, more affordable than gasoline or diesel, readily available and makes for a powerful, carbon-free way to get around.

While you’re doing that, we’ll be doing this

We’re constantly looking for new, better ways to create an Oregon kind of energy. Sources like wind and solar, sure, but also innovative programs and ideas that turn into realities. Like our Wheatridge facility in eastern Oregon that harnesses enough renewable energy, along with battery storage, to power 100,000 homes.

Power to the people

We serve everyone. And we wouldn’t be of much service to anyone if the power we bring isn’t clean, safe, reliable and affordable.

Reducing emissions

There is no single solution that will create a decarbonized energy economy. But there are actions we can take to ensure everybody benefits from a clean energy future.

Planning for tomorrow

Wind turbines. Solar panels. Battery storage. Places like our Wheatridge facility didn’t just pop up overnight. For years, we’ve been planning for and building clean, emissions free energy resources.

Innovations. One hundred years and then some.

For years we’ve been creating a better, more enhanced grid. One that integrates energy from a variety of renewable resources and empowers all our customers with innovative new energy solutions.