Need help?

It’s been a tough year. If you could use a little extra time to pay your bill, or more significant assistance, get in touch. We’d like to help.

¿Necesita ayuda?

Ha sido un año difícil. Si puede utilizar un poco más de tiempo para pagar su factura o una ayuda más significativa, póngase en contacto. Nos gustaría ayudar.

We’ll keep you in the know if your power goes out

New feature! Residential and small business customers will now automatically receive text updates when there’s an outage.

Lo mantendremos informado si hay un apagón

¡Nueva característica! Los clientes residenciales y de pequeñas empresas ahora recibirán automáticamente actualizaciones por mensaje de texto cuando hay un apagón.

Need an electrician?

If you have damage to your electrical equipment, hire a licensed electrician to safely handle the repairs.

Call 811 before you dig

If you’re doing yard work, make  sure you call 811 to keep safe PGE.

You can get cash back and special offers, which will leave you with more to spend on the things you love.

To help keep power reliable, affordable and sustainable, PGE's Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program can install free smart thermostats to help your business use a little less energy when others are using more. Not only will you save energy and money year 'round, we'll also pay you $60 per thermostat twice a year.