Distribution System Planning

The foundation of clean, reliable and affordable energy

Climate realities are a key driver of the transformation underway in the energy industry. It will take all of us, working together to achieve a clean energy future. This future requires a new, two-way power grid managed in partnership with customers to deliver clean, reliable and affordable power to all.

What is the power distribution system?

Put simply, this is the network of poles, wires, transformers, substations, and other equipment used to bring power to your home or business. Our Distribution System Plan (DSP) outlines our approach to transform this system, providing a window into how we’re upgrading the grid to make it smarter, more flexible and cleaner.

Your voice in this plan is important. The decisions you help us make in this planning process will drive progress as we fight climate change, ensure safety and security, protect affordability and equity, and maintain reliability and resiliency. Together we will define plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use tools that let you save money while helping manage the grid cleanly and efficiently.

Why should you get involved?

Your input will bring important perspective to the process and help us create a plan that meets community needs. To date, we’ve received valuable input through workshops conducted with organizations including:

If you’re interested in learning more and sharing your ideas, please email us at DSP@pgn.com. We welcome all to join our monthly stakeholder meetings where we share progress and hear feedback on our plan.

In addition, PGE participates in a technical working group PGE hosted by the Oregon Public Utility Commission.

And, as we develop and roll out specific pilot projects, we’ll hold local community meetings to get feedback.

What resources can I find here?

Here you will find all information we’ve shared during the DSP proceedings – past meeting presentations, video recordings supplemental materials, and our final Distribution System Plan report. The calendar of upcoming meetings is also available. The official materials associated with the UM2005 docket are available on the OPUC’s website PGE.

Distribution System Plan Reports

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Materials from past meetings

Distribution System Plan Report – Part 1

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Distribution System Plan full workshop

Distribution System Plan by-chapter workshop videos