Transportation Electrification Planning

Our clean energy future depends on a reliable, fast-charging infrastructure. We’re working with all kinds of smart people to make it happen.

About the Transportation Electrification Plan

PGE’s transportation electrification activities assist businesses, vehicle fleets, communities, non-profits, residential customers, and municipalities in their shift to electric vehicles. PGE’s transportation electrification strategy:

  • Plan for the load – extend forecasting and influence where this load arrives on the electric system and also coordinate with state, local, and regional planning

  • Serve the load – control costs to build supporting grid infrastructure

  • Manage the load – enable and scale managed charging in a “grid-friendly” behavior

PGE is committed to equitably serving this load to address the needs of underserved communities.

Engage in the regulatory process

The Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) will review PGE's Transportation Electrification Plan through a public process. Visit the OPUC UM 2033 PGE to follow the docket, view the procedural schedule and provide comments.

2023 Transportation Electrification Plan

  • Electrifying transportation provides one of the most significant opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollutants – especially in underserved and disadvantaged communities. 

  • PGE is supporting the transition to electric transportation through infrastructure investment, learning how to best manage and serve TE load, as well as partnerships and offerings that meet our customers’ and communities’ needs.

  • PGE’s role is to enable and support a seamless, end-to-end vehicle connectivity that is easy-to-use, supports broader decarbonization efforts and is accessible to all.

Get involved – attend future Resource Planning public meetings

At our meetings we seek input and suggestions about our approach, priorities and the factors we should consider as we develop future plans. We host a technical and a non-technical meeting each month.

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Resources Planning meeting materials

Here you will find all information we’ve shared during the Resource Planning proceedings – past meeting presentations, video recordings, supplemental materials and prior documents.