Leadership in Sustainability

How we approach sustainability

Sustainability at PGE is firmly rooted in our commitment to advancing equity in the communities we serve. We seek solutions that reduce environmental impacts from our operations, protect the safety, health and well-being of our employees and partners; and build lasting value for all our customers and shareholders. Our customers, communities, employees and partners are firmly at the center of PGE’s sustainability efforts.

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2022 Sustainability Targets

GHG Emissions Reduction Target

Target to reduce GHG emissions from power served to retail customers within the state of Oregon

Net-zero Emissions Target

We have set a goal to achieve net-zero emissions from PGE’s Scope 1, 2 and 3 sources of emissions (see below)

Non-emitting Resources Target

Our progress to achieve 100% clean electricity serving retail customers in the state of Oregon

Diverse Supplier Target

Percentage of spend with diverse suppliers (women, minority, LGBTQ+ and small business enterprises) compared to total supplier spend

Workforce Diversity Target — Women

Percentage of women represented in our overall workforce

Workforce Diversity Target — BIPOC

Percentage of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) represented in our overall workforce

Leadership Diversity Target — Women

Percentage of women represented in our leadership

Leadership Diversity Target — BIPOC

Percentage of BIPOC represented in our leadership


Cultivating a healthy environment is vital to our ability to generate clean, reliable power for PGE customers long into the future – one that is increasingly defined by the impacts of climate change. We partner with Tribes, communities, public agencies and nonprofits to conserve the natural resources and beauty of our region’s landscape.

2022 Resource Mix

Non-emitting Resources in PGE’s Portfolio

Figures in the graphic above are preliminary and based on energy served to retail customers within the State of Oregon, as required by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ). Some or all of the renewable energy attributes associated with PGE's Basic Service Mix may be sold, claimed or not acquired.

2022 GHG Emissions at a Glance

GHG Emissions from Power Served to Oregon Customers

GHG Intensity for Power Served to Oregon Customers

Scope Emissions

Scope 1 emissions

includes all of PGE’s direct emissions, this is made up of fuel burned by thermal generating resources, fuel burned by PGE’s vehicle fleet and natural gas used at PGE’s office facilities.

Scope 2 emissions

are emissions related to Transmission and Distribution line loss and emissions associated with power purchases from a third party that is consumed by PGE.

Scope 3 emissions

for generation of purchased electricity that is sold to end users. Reporting and data collection capabilities are still being developed for other Scope 3 sources of emissions.

Social Impact

The energy that we deliver is essential to supporting a productive, healthy and thriving society. In turn, the well-being of communities across Oregon and employees across our company is foundation to PGE’s long-term success. We secure our shared future by acting in ways that benefit the communities that our company was created to serve. Our sustainable growth and success also enable us to take care of our employees – fostering their success.

Giving Back to our Communities

$5.5M total charitable giving

from corporate contributions, PGE Foundation, current and retired employees and company match

69% employee participation

in charitable giving and/or volunteerism

$2.5M employee contributions

including PGE match

18,037 volunteer hours

completed by employees and retirees

Pay Equity at PGE

Equal pay for equal work

PGE employees in the same role, with comparable work experience at the same work location, continue to earn a near-perfect dollar for dollar pay.

Shrinking the gender pay gap

What’s the gender pay gap? Imagine if you added up all the wages of men at PGE and did the same for women. The difference in the average salary is the gender pay gap. At PGE, we are ahead of the national average of 83 cents. Nationally, one of the main reasons for the gender pay gap is men are more likely to be in senior level roles.

Governance and Ethics

Our strong governance practices guide our strategic goals to decarbonize power, electrify the economy and advance our performance to address broader sustainability commitment. Our work across interconnect sustainability and ESG objects also helps PGE mitigate significant material risk to our business.

Corporate Strategic Imperatives
wind turbines with yellow background


Reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity served to retail customers by at least 80% by 2030 and 100% by 2040.

electric car with lightning bolt and yellow background


Increase beneficial electricity use to capture the benefits of new technologies while building an increasingly clean, flexible and reliable grid.

Two transmission towers with yellow background


Improve efficiency, safety and system and equipment reliability while maintaining affordable energy service and growing earnings per share 5% to 7% annually.

“As we look to the clean energy future and the transition that is well at hand, we commit to holding ourselves to the highest standards on behalf of our customers, employees, investors and partners.”
— Maria M. Pope, President and CEO
CCR Rule Compliance Data & Information

Transparency is important to us, find our CCR rule compliance data and documentation for coal plants.