Leadership in Sustainability

Environmental, Social and Governance Report

How we see sustainability

Sustainability is core to our business. It means reducing the environmental impacts of our operations, protecting the health and safety of our employees, enhancing the wellbeing of our communities, and building lasting value for our shareholders and customers. Review our Sustainability Policy

Our strategic goals aim to lead the clean energy future


PGE is leading an energy transformation that will harness the power of clean and renewable resources on behalf of all customers.


PGE is investing, enabling and partnering to drive economy-wide solutions.


PGE remains committed to providing this essential service for all consumers, as we have for 130 years.

“At Portland General Electric, we are committed to creating a culture in which our ESG activities are deeply embedded in our daily work and operations. It is mission-critical to supporting a prosperous economy, vibrant communities, and a healthy environment, as the interconnection between people, business and planet has never been more apparent.”
— Maria M. Pope, President and CEO

Accelerating the shift to clean energy

There is no greater imperative than to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to address climate change and clean energy is at the center of an emissions-free future. Decarbonizing electricity requires phasing out sources of power that are no longer sustainable — like coal — and accelerating a shift to renewable energy. Successfully navigating this transition will require new tools and approaches in a more dynamic system.

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Supporting electrification

We are committed to an economy-wide clean energy future in which electricity powers more of our lives, displacing higher greenhouse gas (GHG)-emitting fossil fuels and expanding electricity’s share of total energy consumption. Our customers and communities are electrifying their vehicles, homes and workplaces, and the pace is accelerating. We are working harder and faster to enable this transition, partnering with school districts, transit districts, automobile makers, government agencies and our customers to help them electrify.

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Empowering our customers

We deliver an essential service foundational to the well-being and vitality of society. Underpinning this work is our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). We support everyone’s right to participate in and benefit from a clean and reliable energy future. We also embrace our responsibility to provide everyone with affordable electric service.

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Respecting our communities

As members of the Oregon communities we serve, we care about all our neighbors. Wherever our work impacts others, we aim to respect community needs. So, we are building strong relationships with the diverse group of stakeholders in our state. And, like all Oregonians, we are passionate about preserving our beautiful environment to enjoy for many generations to come.

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Valuing our employees

At PGE, we believe people are our greatest asset. Engaged employees, who feel passion for their work and pride in their company, are not only happier but also more productive and better able to support our customers. We also strongly believe in fostering a culture of physical and psychological safety for all our employees, with an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to ensure our employees can bring their full selves to work.

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Performing with purpose

Sustainability is central to achieving a clean and reliable energy future aligned with Oregon's ambitious, economy-wide goals to combat climate change. We balance our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with our core values and high standards of corporate governance to achieve our mission and create value for shareholders, customers and other stakeholders.

“Sustainability is central to achieving a clean and reliable energy future. Our annual ESG report is an opportunity for us to reflect on our performance and build alignment with our customers, communities, shareholders, and investors about the path forward.”
— Kristen Sheeran, Director of Sustainability Strategy
CCR Rule Compliance Data & Information

Transparency is important to us, find our CCR rule compliance data and documentation for coal plants.