PGE Quick Facts

Powering a growing community with clean, reliable and affordable energy.

For more than 130 years, we’ve been powering people’s lives. We are deeply committed to the success of those in our service area, delivering an Oregon kind of energy that energizes lives, strengthens communities and drives enhancements that promote social, economic and environmental progress. It’s who we are and always will be.

We’re leading the way

The future of energy is changing and we are leading the change. We’re building a smarter energy infrastructure, providing our customers the clean energy they want and bringing new energy solutions forward.

It should come as no surprise that we consistently lead the nation in renewable power programs and that our company and employees are passionately involved in serving the community.

A quick look at PGE*
*Figures based on year-end 2023 calendar data

Approx. service area population


Cities served


Counties served


Average number of retail customers


Residential customers


Commercial customers (includes Streetlighting)


Industrial customers


Approx. number of employees at year end


Total utility plant assets


Retail revenues


Megawatt-hours delivered (retail and direct access)


Average annual kilowatt-hours per residential customer


Average annual revenue per residential customer


Average revenue per residential kilowatt-hour delivered

15.20 cents

National residential average price per kilowatt-hour

15.98 cents

Circuit miles of transmission lines


Circuit miles of distribution lines


All-time peak load

4,498 MW (August 2023)

One number stands out

It takes approximately 2,840 employees working as a team to deliver safe, affordable, reliable and increasingly clean energy to meet evolving customer needs. In addition to skilled tradespeople, we offer careers in engineering, environmental sciences, information technology, finance, marketing, customer service and more.

We’re a highly skilled workforce with a wide range of talents serving over 920,000 customers with a service area population of 1.9 million Oregonians in 51 cities.

PGE officers

No ship the size of PGE would get anywhere without the skill and knowledge of our executive leadership team at the helm. To learn more about them, see our officer profiles.