Who We Are

We’re here for you, delivering a new kind of energy. One that energizes lives, strengthens communities and drives enhancements that promote social, economic and environmental progress. It’s an Oregon kind of energy. And it’s here for us all.
Who we are
We’ve got an Oregon kind of energy

At PGE, our work involves dreaming about, planning for and creating a smarter, cleaner, more enduring Oregon. It’s core to our DNA and we haven’t stopped since we started in 1889. Here are a few of the important ways we bring that Oregon kind of energy to you:

With us, peace of mind comes standard

Clean, safe, and affordable power to fuel your work, your home, your dreaming and playing. All available at the flip of a switch. If only everything in life was this reliable!

We’ve made plans for our future. And yours.

The future craves a new way of thinking about energy, and it’ll need a new type of partnership among us all. One that powers your life in dynamic new ways, gives you more tools to save and earn and helps you participate in the clean energy future today.

That future is for everyone

We’re not the only ones with an Oregon kind of energy. It’s something that includes all of us – a diverse mix of individuals and communities. After all, it’s a better kind of energy when everyone gets to be a part of it.

Powering a clean energy future:

Safe, affordable, reliable energy for all

At PGE, we understand our critical role in our customers’ lives and in the well-being of the communities we serve. We are honored to provide essential electric service to our fellow Oregonians. By working together, we can achieve tomorrow’s clean, safe, reliable, accessible and affordable energy system for all. Customers expect it, and our future depends on it. To successfully make the transition to a clean energy future, we are balancing reliability and affordability, which drives us to continuously explore and innovate – deploying new technologies, simplifying processes and reducing costs in delivering exceptional value to customers.

Our path to decarbonization and a clean energy future will be achieved with five key strategies. It all starts with the needs, values and expectations of our customers.

  1. Exceed customer expectations

  2. Build a smarter grid

  3. Power our system with clean energy

  4. Unlock regional power with transmission and regional markets

  5. Electrify transportation and buildings

Clean energy future

Some things you do because you want to. Some things you do because you need to. For us, it’s not an either/or.

There’s no denying climate change is upon us. Fortunately, we began working on our clean energy future years ago. We started setting goals, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, investing millions in renewable energy, creating innovative programs and solutions while establishing meaningful partnerships. And we haven’t stopped. Why? Because some things you do just because they are the right thing to do.

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Climate goals

You know the can that keeps getting kicked down the road? We picked it up.

Someone has to do something about climate change. And that someone is us. That’s why we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the power we serve our customers at least 80% by 2030. With a partnership between you and us we’ll create an energy ecosystem that’s dynamic, flexible, reliable and affordable, for everyone.

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Innovative energy

Energy lives on a two-way street

It’s no longer a case of we produce it, you consume it. Today’s energy is clean, fluid and dynamic – with wind, solar, smart grids, battery storage, efficiency, and innovative ideas and programs. It’s a constantly moving dance between good partners.

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Community involvement

Every great organization has a purpose. Ours is you.

We’re a utility. We’re here to serve. But we also live here. So, it should be no surprise that community is at the core of what we do. For over a hundred years we’ve been investing in the needs of the communities we serve. It’s in our DNA. And always will be.

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Resource planning

To make sure everyone has access to the clean, safe, reliable and affordable electric power they need, we engage in a complex Integrated Resource Planning process that is guided by the Oregon Public Utility Commission with generous input from the public.

Sustainability reporting

We are committed to transparency as we lead the way to a clean energy future. You can view data about our operations, and learn about our sustainability practices and our impact in our annual sustainability reports.