Resource Planning

Leading the way to Oregon’s clean energy future

Planning ahead to keep affordable, reliable energy coming

Ensuring our Oregon customers have universal access to the clean, safe, reliable and affordable electric power they need is at the heart of what we do at PGE. The right mix of energy resources in the right locations can lower energy costs for our communities, but we have to plan ahead.

Our grid can be described as three distinct yet integrated systems: generation, transmission and distribution. Examples of generation are hydropower plants, wind and solar farms, and gas power plants. Transmission lines connect generation facilities to the distribution system, where energy is distributed to neighborhoods and individual homes and businesses.

Our resource and system planning processes inform how to best meet the future energy needs in our service area.

We use:

Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and Clean Energy Plan (CEP)

Integrated Resource Planning estimates future energy needs and identifies the optimal portfolio of resources to meet those needs at the lowest costs. It details the near-term actions we propose to take to provide reliable, affordable and increasingly clean power for our customers.

Clean Energy Planning evolves our integrated resource planning to demonstrate how we can meet greenhouse gas emissions targets. It informs our pathways to decarbonizing our energy mix.

Distribution System Plan (DSP)

Distribution System Planning assesses our future distribution system capacity needs, forecasts where we will need more energy resources and prioritizes modernization projects that will make the most of new energy sources.

Flexible Load Multi-Year Plan (MYP)

Flexible Load Multi-Year Planning sets for the budget and roadmap for flexible load activity including new customer pilot programs. Flexible load is a tool we use to leverage customers energy assets such as thermostats, water heaters, batteries and EVs to provide grid and societal benefits like greenhouse gas reduction.

Transportation Electrification Plan (TEP)

Transportation Electrification Planning supports the development of our transportation electrification by identifying the future energy demand attributed to it and planning to serve and manage it, creating a portfolio of programs and infrastructure measures.

Get involved - attend a public meeting

You can have an impact on the company’s plans by participating in these planning processes. Your involvement can influence PGE’s plan as it is developed and create space for you to provide direct input to PGE teams. Find out more about upcoming meetings and how you can attend virtually: