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For more than 130 years we've been finding new and innovative ways to provide clean, reliable energy to our fellow Oregonians.

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We've got an Oregon kind of energy

We’re here for you, delivering a new kind of energy. One that energizes lives, strengthens communities and drives enhancements that promote social, economic and environmental progress. It’s an Oregon kind of energy. And it’s here for us all.

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Let us introduce ourselves – here are the highlights of who we are, who we hire, and what you need to know right now about energy in our community.

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Every day, we take steps to get us closer to the energy transformation we want to see in Oregon.


Here's what is happening with our company, and your energy.

Community involvement

We’re a utility. We’re here to serve. But we also live here. So, it should be no surprise that community is at the core of what we do. For over a hundred years we’ve been investing in the needs of the communities we serve. It’s in our DNA. And always will be.

Careers at PGE

The future called, it needs all of us to answer.

If you like a good challenge, climate change will be one of the biggest you’ve ever faced. But don’t worry, you’ll be in good company.

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Recreation, fish & wildlife

Like many of you, we feel lucky to live, work and recreate in Oregon’s beautiful natural places. We know how important it is to protect these areas and the fish and wildlife that call them home. That’s why we take our job as environmental stewards seriously. Our biologists and environmental scientists do on-the-ground work to study and improve conditions for fish and wildlife, and we partner with agencies, non-profits, and Native American Tribes to expand our reach.