Distribution System Planning
Building the platform for a clean energy partnership with our customers

The energy world is changing. Gone are the days of we generate it, our customers consume it. New technologies, changing customer values and needs, and the impact of climate change are transforming the way we share energy with our customers, driving creation of a new, two-way power grid that will help us partner with you to ensure a reliable, affordable and clean energy future for all.

What is the power distribution system?

Put simply, this is the network of poles, wires, transformers, substations, and other equipment used to bring power to your home or business. Our Distribution System Plan (DSP) will be a critical part of the transformation this system is now undergoing, providing a window into how we’re modernizing the grid to make it smarter, more flexible and cleaner.

The decisions you help us make in this planning process will drive progress as we fight climate change, ensure safety and security, protect affordability and equity, and maintain reliability and resiliency. They will also support increased use of electricity to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transportation and other sectors of the economy and enable tools that let you save money while helping manage the grid cleanly and efficiently.

Why should you get involved?

This plan needs to reflect your values and take full advantage of the resources and unique perspectives customers and others outside PGE can bring to the table. We are working closely with customers, stakeholders, regulators, policy makers, and other interested parties to make sure the system serves all customers equitably. The Distribution System Plan is one of several efforts we have underway to provide an accessible, affordable clean energy future to customers in all the communities we serve.

We engage directly with community stakeholders through these channels:

  1. Working with Unite Oregon, a community facilitator, we’re conducting monthly workshops to conduct outreach and to research and co-develop best practices

  2. Working with community groups like the Community Energy Project, NW Energy Coalition and the EnergyTrust of Oregon, we’re conducting additional monthly workshops to provide targeted energy education.

  3. As we develop and roll out specific pilot projects, we’ll hold local community meetings to engage the community, enlist participants, and get feedback.

In addition, we get input from customers and stakeholders through a technical working group PGE hosted by the Oregon Public Utility Commission.

Meetings are the second Wednesday of each month. To be added to meeting invitations, email DSP@pgn.com.

What resources can I find here?

This web page will provide information on upcoming stakeholder meetings, past meeting presentations and video recordings, and let you know when and how you can share your ideas with us and give us feedback on our plans and proposals.

Learn more or connect with us

Email: DSP@pgn.com Oregon Public Utility Commission - Guidelines for Distribution System Planning PGE

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Upcoming DSP Stakeholder Meetings

July 14, 2021

  • Time: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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