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What to expect

Whether you’re a small power producer looking to sell power back to PGE or a Renewable Energy Installer working through the interconnection process – we’re here to help. We want your project to be safe, reliable, and successful.

Discover helpful resources and tips to get started including our Distributed Generation Evaluation Map PGE, thorough explanation of the application process, equipment and technical requirements, and most importantly – the Distribution Interconnection Handbook PGE.

Ready to apply? You can do so online using PowerClerk PowerClerk.

Distribution Interconnection Handbook

This information is intended to help guide you through the process of interconnecting distributed energy resources (DERs) to the PGE system. Refer to our complete Distribution Interconnection Handbook for more detailed information.

Getting started

Generating 10MW or less

For interconnection programs including Net Metering, Generator Interconnection, and Community Solar Program projects, you can submit an application online using PowerClerk PowerClerk. Non-Net Metering small generator projects can use PowerClerk to submit a pre-application request.

Generating more than 10MW

If you are seeking to install DERs larger than 10MW and up to 20MW, you may qualify for a large generator interconnection on the same basis as DERs larger than 20MW.

Learn more

Read an overview of interconnection qualifications or review generator program FAQ PGE for more information. You can also visit our Resource Library for helpful documents and checklists.

Avoid unexpected costs – confirm your location FIRST

If you are in one of the shaded areas, you may be on a limited feeder. To help avoid delays or costly design changes, don’t begin construction until we have approved your application. We carefully review all applications to determine if they can be safely and reliably interconnected to the grid without project modifications. Contact us for more information before submitting a Net Metering application.

For additional resources check out the below links:

Overview of the interconnection process

The categories below provide high-level summaries specific to the interconnection of small generator DERs to the PGE system. Each section can also be found in more detail in the Distribution Interconnection Handbook.

What, how and where

Learn more about the levels of interconnection, facility types and location requirements.

Interconnection process

Review the interconnection process in-depth from pre-application to maintenance.

Important requirements

Understand the equipment, metering and technical requirements before you start.

Contact us - small power production contact

For more information, email the small power production coordinator, call 503-464-8300 or mail:

  • Portland General Electric, Attention: Small Power Production Coordinator, 121 SW Salmon St. 3WTC-0402, Portland, OR 97204