High-Efficiency Heat Pumps
Perfect for our climate and a great choice.

What is a heat pump? 

Heat pumps have been popular overseas for decades, and energy-conscious Oregonians are finally starting to catch on to how great they are. An energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners and furnaces, heat pumps move heat where you want it – outside in the summer and inside in the winter. Because they move heat rather than generate it, heat pumps require much less energy to keep temperatures comfortable. And, with a ductless heat pump, you can heat your house room by room, which saves energy and eliminates squabbling over the thermostat. 

Why would I want a heat pump? 

Heat pumps are a proven technology with several benefits. Here’s a few of the reasons you might consider one:

  • Better indoor air quality because air is filtered more often

  • Easily add efficient air conditioning

  • Energy savings of up to 40 percent*

  • Constant comfort: even temperatures and balanced humidity

  • Whisper quiet, inside and out

  • Financing is easy — simply make monthly installments through your PGE bill. Ask your contractor about eligibility and terms.

* Compared to a standard electric furnace. Individual circumstances will vary.

What kind of heat pump should I get?

Either a ductless or ducted heat pump is a great choice for most people. Need help? Schedule a free consult.

Ductless heat pumps are great for:  

  • Heating and cooling homes without ductwork or with old, tired ducts.  

  • Replacing inefficient electric baseboards or wall heaters, radiant heat, or noisy window-mounted air conditioners.  

  • Helping to maintain a comfortable temperature in attics, sunrooms or work areas.    

  • Providing room by room heating in new additions and in-law suites.

Ducted heat pumps are great for:  

  • Replacing an electric forced-air furnace with something more energy and cost-efficient.  

  • Making existing heating systems more energy efficient.  

  • Providing affordable cooling in the summer and saving energy in the winter. 

“This summer it was real hot outside, but it was cool and comfortable in the house.”
George Stanley, Sandy, who replaced an “old and tired” electric forced-air furnace with a high-efficiency ducted heat pump