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You can reduce your business energy costs. Sometimes substantially. And we can help with free energy advising, free smart thermostats, incentives, rebates and more tools to give you control.

Energy Partner Smart Thermostat Program

The low hanging fruit

A great place to start saving energy, and earn money, at your business is with our free Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program. With free smart thermostats and seasonal rewards, big and small businesses have found it pays to use less energy without sacrificing comfort and productivity.

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Energy Partner Program

Get paid to use less energy

We know, we know. Crazy huh? But PGE actually pays medium to larger businesses to use less energy when they take advantage of our Energy Partner program. To learn more, check out this short video.

Waste not, want not

What exactly are you wasting your energy on? With a free energy consultation at your business, you’ll find ways to use energy more efficiently and save money on energy efficient upgrades, like LED lighting, that deliver a fast return on investment.

Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program

Small. Simple. Smart. Many businesses have found the recipe for big savings was right up on their wall.

What’s going on around here?

Track your energy use in 15-minute intervals for free with Energy Tracker. Get powerful online analysis for a single meter or entire complex with Energy Expert.

Innovative ways to save

With PGE’s Connected Water Heater program, property management firms have turned their properties’ water heaters into income-producing assets.

Still unsure where to get started? Let’s talk.

We can help you out, just drop us a line to discuss your unique needs and situation. 

Portland’s Energy Performance Reporting

Portland requires commercial building owners 20,000 sq. ft. and over to annually report their energy use. Learn how to request your energy use data and fulfill this requirement.