Solar Panels – It's a Bright Idea to Go Solar

Solar energy is a clean, safe energy that can save you money and help build a better tomorrow.

Solar energy is a powerful investment

Investing in a solar system not only saves you money over time – it demonstrates your commitment to addressing climate change. Solar systems have many benefits you will enjoy for decades to come.


  • Cost savings and incentives Energy Trust of Oregon Solar Resources

  • Reduce your monthly bills or operating costs

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Add value to your home or property

  • Help you qualify for LEED certification

Calculate it

Use the Energy Trust of Oregon solar cost calculator PGE to see how installing a solar system might impact your budget.

Welcome to the green team

Cost savings isn’t the only great thing about solar energy – it also largely reduces your carbon footprint. Solar energy is a green, pollution-free source of energy that produces energy for decades to come. Investing in a solar system demonstrates your social responsibility and commitment to addressing climate change.

Get started with solar

If solar doesn't work for your home, try these options.

If generating your own power isn’t a good fit for you, consider PGE’s renewable power options: Green Future Choice or Green Future Blockor Oregon's Community Solar program which brings small, and often more affordable, solar projects to communities throughout Oregon.