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At home or in the office, you can cut costs and lower your carbon footprint when you save energy.

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We have programs, tips, and even consultants who will help you figure out the best ways to save energy – and money – at your home or business.

For your business

The low hanging fruit

A great place to start saving energy, and money, at your business is with our Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program. Big and small businesses have found it pays to use less energy without sacrificing comfort and productivity.

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Waste not, want not

What exactly are you wasting your energy on? With a free energy consultation at your business, you’ll find ways to use energy more efficiently and save money on energy efficient upgrades, like LED lighting, that deliver a fast return on investment. 

Change your last light bulb

Lighting consumes about 30 percent of the total energy used in most commercial buildings. So naturally, it’s a good place to start when considering ways to make your business more energy efficient.

What’s going on around here?

Track your energy use in 15-minute intervals for free with Energy Tracker. Get powerful online analysis for a single meter or entire complex with Energy Expert.

At home

Save money at home

Whether you rent or own or your home, we have programs, tools and tips that can help.

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Peak Time Rebates

Shift your energy use away from peak times, and you’ll earn a rebate on your next bill.

Earn rebates

Electric vehicles & charging

Save money by going electric! Say goodbye to oil changes and gas stations, and hello to low-cost fuel, tax credits, incentives and special pricing for charging. 

Cash Back & Special Offers

Get the best deals and the most cash back for energy-saving projects.

Energy-saving home upgrades

Investing a little bit of money in energy-saving upgrades can save you a lot of money on your energy bill. From swapping out your light bulbs to installing solar panels – learn which upgrades give you the most bang for your buck, and how you can get money for doing them.

Heating & Cooling

The most effective place to reduce high energy bills. 


No matter how efficient your heating and cooling system, you'll waste energy and your home will feel drafty if it isn't weatherized.


Newer technologies mean now you can save a lot – and change bulbs a lot less – just by choosing the right light. 

Water Heaters

Learn how to save with the second highest energy user in most homes. 

Smart Thermostats

Want to save energy in winter and summer? You don’t have to get a new heating system to get started.

Appliances & Electronics

With a few simple steps, your appliances can help you save energy.