No-Cost & Low-Cost Tips 
Use energy more efficiently, even if you rent, by upgrading your existing items and systems.
Top 20 tips for saving energy
  1. Use our free online Energy Tracker℠ tool to track your electricity use by hour, day or more. You can also get email or text alerts about your estimated bill or when it’s expected to exceed an amount you’ve set.

  2. Practice thermostat control. Each degree you lower your thermostat in winter saves an estimated 2 percent on your heating bill. In winter, set it to 68 when you’re awake, 60 when asleep or gone. In summer, try 75 to 78 degrees to save on air conditioning.

  3. Wash smarter. Use the Energy Saver mode on your clothes washer and dishwasher.

  4. Set your water heater thermostat 120 degrees is perfect for savings and safety.

  5. Don’t heat or cool unused rooms. If you have baseboard, wall units or other in-room systems, turn the heat down low when unoccupied to save energy and avoid mold  and close the doors to keep heat where you want it. 

  6. Pull the shades. Window coverings help hold energy in and the heat or cold out. 

  7. Unplug energy “vampires” such as laptop and cell phone chargers as soon as you’re done using them. Otherwise, they suck energy even when not in use. 

  8. Turn off your computer and other home electronics when not in use. The default settings on most computers aren’t the most energy efficient. Adjust yours for efficiency. 

  9. Close your fireplace damper and doors when not in use. After a fire, let the fireplace cool completely before closing the damper. 

  10. Turn off ventilation fans in kitchen and baths. They pull warmed or cooled air out of your house, so turn them off after about 10 minutes or install a timer to ensure you don’t accidentally leave them on. 

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