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Use energy more efficiently, even if you rent
To save energy, unplug devices when they aren't in use. Image on text says: Energy Saving Hacks. Don't get over charged. Even when they're not charging your phone, laptop or gaming device, electronic chargers still use energy. Unplug them and save.
A young boy helps his family vacuum and clean the house. By vacuuming around vents and keeping furnace filters clear, you'll use energy more efficiently. Image on text says: Energy Saving Hacks. A clean house is an efficient house! Dust layers stop heat from flowing as freely. Be sure to vacuum around vents, the coils behind the fridge, and replace furnace filters.
Image of a woman tasting food just cooked in a toaster oven used to save energy. Image on text says: Energy Saving Hacks. Will you be dining alone? No need to fire up the big oven for a single meal. Use the toaster oven or microwave and you'll be dining with some good energy savings tonight!
A freezer packed with veggies and food in an efficient way to keep warm air out and food cool. Image on text says: Energy Saving Hacks. Pack your freezer. A full freezer is an efficient freezer. All those frozen items will help cool down any warm air that sneaks in when you're getting something out of it.
A young man taking a look at a pot of boiling water. If he were to put a lid on the pot, it would make for a more efficient use of energy. Text on image says: Energy Saving Hacks. Put a lid on it. Haven't you heard...a watched pot never boils? Using a lid on pots and pans will heat food faster and use less energy.
A mother and her son wrap up after a bath. Using a towel under a door can help keep cool air out and warm air in. Image on text says: Energy Saving Hacks. It's not just for showering. A rolled-up towel placed at the bottom of your door will work as a draft protector, keeping the warm air inside and the cold air out.
Image of father and daughter baking and saving energy. Text on image says: Energy Saving Hacks. What's in the oven? When baking, consider what other things you can bake at the same time. You'll save energy and have meals for a week!
Image a young man using an energy efficiency hack to open an oven once he was done baking and let the extra heat warm the room. Text on image says: Energy Saving Hacks. A bunch of hot air. Once you're done baking and have turned off the oven, leave the door open to let that hot air add a little warmth to your home.

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Top 20 tips for saving energy
  1. Use our free online Energy Tracker℠ tool to track your electricity use by hour, day or more. You can also get email or text alerts about your estimated bill or when it’s expected to exceed an amount you’ve set.

  2. Practice thermostat control. Each degree you lower your thermostat in winter saves an estimated 2 percent on your heating bill. In winter, set it to 68 when you’re awake, 60 when asleep or gone. In summer, try 75 to 78 degrees to save on air conditioning.

  3. Wash smarter. Use the Energy Saver mode on your clothes washer and dishwasher.

  4. Set your water heater thermostat 120 degrees is perfect for savings and safety.

  5. Don’t heat or cool unused rooms. If you have baseboard, wall units or other in-room systems, turn the heat down low when unoccupied to save energy and avoid mold  and close the doors to keep heat where you want it. 

  6. Pull the shades. Window coverings help hold energy in and the heat or cold out. 

  7. Unplug energy “vampires” such as laptop and cell phone chargers as soon as you’re done using them. Otherwise, they suck energy even when not in use. 

  8. Turn off your computer and other home electronics when not in use. The default settings on most computers aren’t the most energy efficient. Adjust yours for efficiency. 

  9. Close your fireplace damper and doors when not in use. After a fire, let the fireplace cool completely before closing the damper. 

  10. Turn off ventilation fans in kitchen and baths. They pull warmed or cooled air out of your house, so turn them off after about 10 minutes or install a timer to ensure you don’t accidentally leave them on. 

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