Does your home need an energy makeover?

Give your home a bit of love and efficiency with an in-depth energy audit

Start with an energy audit

An energy audit is a complete assessment of your home’s health and performance. It will help you to decide where you’ll get the best value for energy saving improvements and connect you with available cash incentives and income-qualified services. Sometimes energy contractors who do assessments will do the work for you or can make recommendations.

So, what's typically included?

A full energy audit will usually include a blower door test to see how much air is leaking in and out. Typically, the first step toward efficiency is adding insulation and sealing up air leaks.


Learn helpful tips on how to weatherize your home to keep the heat in (or out)!

Heat pump

Did you know? Heat pumps require much less energy to keep temperatures comfortable.


It pays to buy the most energy-efficient models of appliances you can afford.

Need more help?

If an at home energy audit is not right for you, there is an online home assessment option available. Just answer a few questions about your home and get information on steps you can take for energy upgrades.

Also, learn more about special incentives, resources and no-cost energy upgrades to income-qualified households from Energy Trust of Oregon.