Set the mood and save energy.

The right lighting in each room makes a difference. And, choosing wisely can also save you energy – and money. Take a few minutes to learn about different bulb types, shapes and how to save energy with your lighting. You’ll thank us later when you can actually see what you are doing in the kitchen.

5 ways to save on lighting

Choose the right light for the job.

Inefficient general service incandescent light bulbs were phased out in 2014. But how do you choose among halogen incandescents, CFLs or LED lighting? This lighting comparison guide from the Natural Resources Defense Council can help. For most situations LEDs are the best option. They provide the most energy savings - up to 85% less - and last longer, too*.

Buy ENERGY STAR certified lights (and get a rebate).

They are tested to meet strict requirements and guarantee high quality. You can find all the bulbs you’ll need (along with great deals and instant rebates) at the PGE Marketplace.

Check the label.

The Lighting Facts labels on the side of the bulb package show brightness (lumens), estimated yearly energy cost (dollars), life (years), light appearance (from “warm” to “cool”) and energy used (watts). Review the ENERGY STAR® shopping guide to pick the right bulb for your needs.

Get motion detectors for outdoor lights.

Not only will you save energy, you’ll scare off the raccoons.

Install photo sensors.

If you leave your porch light on all night for safety, a photo sensor will automatically shut it off when the sun comes up and turn it on with the sun goes down. One less thing to worry about.


Lumens? Watts? What?

It’s actually pretty simple -- the higher the lumens, the brighter the light. A 60-watt standard incandescent produces about 800 lumens. You can get the same amount of light from a 10-watt LED. And now you can get LED lights that don’t make you feel like you live inside your refrigerator – just choose “warm” light. Some LEDs even allow you to adjust between warm and cool.

Low-Priced LED lighting

Shop our Marketplace PGE Marketplace - Lighting and save on high-efficiency lighting bulbs, dimmers switches, motion sensors and more.

Recycling CFLs

Don’t forget to dispose of CFLs properly – they contain a small amount of mercury, so you can’t just throw them in the trash. The nice people at can tell you how to get rid of CFL bulbs. Energy Trust of Oregon lists retailers and locations that accept CFLs. Energy Trust CFLs