Appliances & Electronics

Choose wisely and save, year after year.

It pays to buy the most energy-efficient models of appliances and electronics you can afford. Even if you pay a little more up front, you’ll likely save over time by using less energy.

5 best ways to save with appliances

Upgrade the fridge

Refrigerators are the biggest energy users in your kitchen. Vintage is cool, but if your refrigerator is pre-1993, it’s very inefficient. A newer model could result in significant savings.

Buy an ENERGY STAR rated washing machine

If you wash with hot water, you’ll save by upgrading. Might as well replace the dryer while you're at it. ENERGY STAR products use 10 to 50 percent less energy and water than standard models.

Replace your dishwasher

If your dishwasher is 10 years old or older, it might be time to replace it with an energy-efficient model.

Wait to replace other appliances

Fridges, washers and dishwashers are the big energy users. Other appliances that are still running well won't make that much of a difference in savings.

Get cash back on your purchase

Energy Trust of Oregon offers cash-back incentives on select front-load clothes washers. Those that qualify are usually the most efficient, but not all ENERGY STAR models qualify.

5 best ways to save with electronics

Enroll in our EV Smart Charging program

By enrolling in our EV Smart Charging program, you could qualify for rebates on faster home chargers, electrical panel upgrades and ongoing monthly bill credits. Simply visit PGE+, our one-stop shop where you can buy a qualified charger, get it installed, learn about instant rebates and enroll in our Smart Charging all in one place.

Put your computer to sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity

“Sleep” mode saves energy; screensavers use it.

Turn off screens when no one’s watching

TVs, game consoles, cable boxes and computers all use a lot of energy.

Unplug laptop and cell phone chargers as soon as you’re done using them

Otherwise, these energy “vampires” suck energy even when not in use.

Get a smart strip

Peripheral devices such as printers, task lights, DVD players and game consoles suck power even when turned off. A smart strip lets you control them remotely from your phone (no need to get out of bed!) and see how much energy they are using.

Looking for more ways to save?

Check out our energy saving tips and tricks.

Borrow a Kill A Watt monitor from our library

Measure the energy usage of your electronics and appliances. Learn more on the Energy Trust website PGE.

Surge Protection

Understand power surges and surge protection options to help prevent equipment damage.