Induction Stoves

Has the blue flame finally met its match?

This isn’t your grandparents’ electric stove

No, below that sleek glass surface is technology that’ll bring water to a boil faster than opening a box of pasta and precise temperature adjustments that deliver superb simmering. It’s no wonder induction stoves evoke responses like “Wow, that’s amazing!” from even the most finicky chefs. Plus, they’re efficient, safe and provide better indoor air quality than gas.

Ways an induction stove can improve your cooking


According to the EPA, induction stoves are the most efficient at transferring heat to your food, running at about 85% efficiency PGE. Gas ranges are only 32% efficient.


Beyond the speed records they set bringing water to a boil, induction stoves provide a level of precise temperature control that’s unsurpassed.


When you remove a boiling pot from the induction cooktop, the surface may feel warm to the touch, but it won’t burn you. And if you mistakenly turn a burner on with no pot on it, it won’t get hot.