Make YOUR home a sustainable energy home

You don’t have to buy a new house to boost the sustainability and performance of your home. In fact, you don’t need to buy anything. We have free programs like Peak Time Rewards and Time of Day pricing that help you be more sustainable and reward you by simply shifting how and when you use energy.

And, if you do have a little to spend adding things like LED lighting, a smart thermostat, high-efficient heat pumps and Energy Star appliances can have a big impact. Consider swapping out your old gas-powered lawn tools for cleaner, quieter electric ones too!

Free, no cost

Make the shift

Earn money with small changes to how and when you use energy.

Stay in the know

See how much electricity you use by month, week, day and hour – or even 15-minute intervals.

20 Tips for Saving

Use energy more efficiently, even if you rent.

Low Cost

See things in a better light

The right lighting makes all the difference. Set the mood and save energy.

Renewable Power Options

From a little to a lot, choose the renewable mix that works for you.


There are many inexpensive and DIY ways to keep the heat in (or out) and save.

  • Insulation

  • Weatherstripping

  • Fireplace pillows

  • Shades

Home Improvement

Heating & Cooling

Changing the way you heat (and cool) your home is one of the most effective ways to lower your energy bill.

Appliances & Electronics

Choose wisely and save, year after year.

Yard Care

Why should electric cars have all the fun? With zero emissions, switching to electric lawn tools makes your grass even greener.

Water Heaters

They’re the second highest energy user in most homes. It’s time for an upgrade.


Generate your own power with solar.

Electric Vehicles

Say goodbye to oil changes and gas stations, and hello to a cleaner conscience – and cleaner air.