Outages & Safety

What to know to stay safe during a power outage.

We all have a role to play

We operate the grid safely and reliably and work to minimize impacts to our customers. While we plan and prepare for inclement weather all year round, outages can still occur. We encourage customers to always be prepared. Here's how.

Report an outage

If you're a PGE customer, we'll text you when your power's out. If your power's out but you didn't receive a text from us, first report the outage, then update your mobile number online or on the PGE app so we can text you next time.

Here's how to report an outage:

Outage map & list

Get details on current outages. Sign in online for outage info on your accounts, or simply look up your accounts by phone or account number. 

What to do in an outage

If the power goes out, most of us check to see if our neighbor's power is out too. That's a good place to start, but here's some additional steps to take:

  • Reset GFCI outlets and circuit breakers

  • Unplug TVs and computers

  • Avoid opening fridge doors

Why is my power out?

We continuously work to ensure the grid operates safely and reliably. However, power outages can sometimes occur. Click below to learn more about why you may be experiencing an outage, how we work to restore your service and what you can do to be prepared.

Learn more


Electricity is powerful. To use it safely it helps to know some of the fundamentals of how it works. These guidelines are a great place to learn what we all can do to stay safe.

Be prepared

Power outages can happen for a variety of reasons. It's always best to have a have a plan and be prepared.

Prepare your home

See our checklist of how to prepare in the event of a power outage.

Prepare your business

Tips on how to protect your business and minimize disruptions.