Electrical safety is mainly an exercise in common sense, but it helps to know some fundamentals of how electricity works. Use our guidelines to keep your family and business safe.

Stay safe in a storm

Call PGE immediately at  503-464-7777 or  800-544-1795 to report any downed utility line. Here are some safety tips:

  • If you see a downed or sagging line, stay at least 50 feet away!

  • A downed line doesn’t have to spark to be dangerous.

  • Don’t touch anything near a downed power line.

  • If a person or animal is in contact with electricity, stay back.

  • If a line falls on your car, stay in your vehicle.

  • Never use gasoline, propane or charcoal burning devices inside your home or garage.

Safety basics

Electricity is always seeking a path to the ground through water, trees, metal, wood, concrete, as well as people and animals.

These things don’t have to touch a wire to electrocute you, so always keep yourself and your equipment at least 20 feet away from overhead power lines.

Plan for medical needs

Use medical life-support equipment? Have a plan in place and consider a backup generator in case of an extended power outage.

Generator safety

A home generator can be a convenient backup solution during a power outage, if you use it safely. Before turning on a generator, always follow manufacturer instructions!

Home safety

Learn how to use electricity safely in your home. 

Outdoor lighting

See options for installing streetlights and outdoor area lighting.

Kids’ safety education

Show your kids how to use electricity safely and check out our free electricity education resources for families and teachers.

Contractors & landscapers

Keep your crew safe, whether they’re digging, building, landscaping or performing routine maintenance outdoors.

Business safety

See workplace electrical safety tips.

Tree maintenance

Get tips on how to maintain your trees and shrubbery safely around power lines. 

Free wood chips

Interested in free wood chips? Find out how to request them.