Kids’ Safety Education

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate. So we’ve made it easy (and, we hope, a little bit fun) to help the kids in your life learn indoor and outdoor safety rules.

Keep kids safe around electricity

Start with the basics:

Stay away from downed power lines.
A downed line doesn’t have to spark to be dangerous.

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Stay away from downed power lines.

A downed line doesn’t have to spark to be dangerous.

Tree branches conduct electricity! Keep kids away from trees that are near power lines.

Don’t touch anything near a downed power line.

Never play on or around utility equipment.

Fly kites, drones and model plans only in open areas away from power lines.

Steer clear of electric sockets and cords.

Water and electricity don’t mix – keep anything electric away from water.

Do fun and safety really go together? Sure!

When they’re laughing, they’re learning. These activities are a great way to get younger children to pay attention to the rules that will help keep them safe.

Want more? You got it!

Visit e-SMART kids, an online resource for kids, parents and teachers, about electricity and its hazards. You’ll light up children’s imaginations with educational games and hands-on activities. Learn how power is made, electricity basics and, most importantly, how to use electricity safely. You can also ask questions of energy experts. And be sure to tell your kids’ teachers about our free materials and resources for them, below.

Interactive energy education

Create experiments, play science games, watch short videos and more: 

Electrical Safety-SMART PGE

A focus on safety.

Hazard Hamlet Video PGE

Observations about electricity and safety.


How energy works, and how to use it wisely.  

Free science and safety resources for teachers

Safety education

It’s only natural that we’re committed to educating kids about using electricity safely and wisely. Schools in the PGE service area can take advantage of a wide selection of free curriculum materials and programs that will engage, inform and inspire students.

Curriculum materials

Each fall, we send local educators information on the free curriculum materials PGE available from PGE on electricity and electrical safety, energy efficiency, renewable energy and more. All materials align with Oregon state education standards and include:

  • Age-appropriate books filled with stories, games and experiments

  • Comprehensive teacher’s guides

  • Easy online ordering PGE — a few clicks and it’s delivered free.

Careers in energy are exciting, challenging, varied and rewarding

Inspire your students with these links: