Be Prepared

Have a plan for power outages and troubleshoot power problems in your home or office.

Why is my power out?

We continuously update our system to ensure the grid operates safely and reliably. But power outages can happen. Learn more about why you may be experiencing an outage, how we work to restore service and what you can do to prepare.

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Are you ready?

As Oregon’s weather gets hotter and drier, wildfires can hit suddenly and grow quickly and create a greater likelihood of summer safety-related power outages. We’re preparing and we encourage you to prepare as well.

Prepare your home

Prepare your business

We’re here to help

We hope we don’t have to call a Public Safety Power Shutoff this fire season, but if we do, we’ll set up a mobile Community Resource Center to provide some relief. Learn more in this video.

Report an outage and get updates

If you're a residential or small business customer, we'll text you if your power goes out, so you shouldn't need to report it. But if you don't get a text, you can still report outages. Just download our mobile app, report online or call:

Power Problems? We can help.

Check out these troubleshooting tips for home, office and facilities.