Keep the heat in (or out).

Save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs*

Are you cranking the heat but still not quite able to shake that chill? Make weatherization your next DIY project. Not only will your house feel less drafty, your energy bill might be lower as well. Start by grabbing a caulk gun and sealing all of those little gaps and cracks to minimize air leaks and keep your heated (or cooled) air inside.

*Source: Environmental Protection Agency. Savings will vary based on individual circumstances.

5 more ways to save money with weatherization

Pull the shades.

Yep, it’s that simple. Window coverings help hold heat in and cold out.

Close your fireplace damper and doors.

Only close up when you don’t have a fire lit, and it’s a good idea to let the fireplace cool completely before closing the damper.

Get your fireplace a pillow.

Yes, fireplace pillows or chimney balloons are a thing. They inflate in your chimney to block drafts (and noise, soot and debris).

Install weather stripping around doors.

Seal gaps and keep drafts at bay.

Add or repair insulation in roofs and walls.

Not an easy fix, but the benefits in energy savings could offset the work and expense.

Financial Help

Weatherization Assistance

Free weatherization help is available for renters and homeowners who meet certain income guidelines. Find out if you qualify for weatherization assistance.

Request a Payment Extension

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Weatherization DIY project resources

On a roll with weatherization projects? Here are a few services and resources to get you headed in the right direction with projects you can do yourself.