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About the pilot

A. Many drivers think electric vehicles (EVs) and Level 2 chargers are luxury items they can’t afford. This pilot makes EV ownership more affordable with rebates on qualified chargers. We’re also using this pilot to understand how EV drivers can help support the grid’s needs.

There are two parts to this pilot:

  1. A rebate on qualified EV chargers.

  2. Ongoing participation in the PGE Smart Charging Program, which rewards you for allowing us to stop charging your EV during certain events.

A. You may get a rebate of up to $500 (up to $1,000 if you meet income eligibility requirements) for buying and installing a qualified EV charger. Your charger must be hardwired. If you already have a qualified charger, you may qualify for a $50 Bring Your Own Charger rebate. If you drive a Tesla and have a non-qualified charger, please see the “evPulse” section in this FAQ to learn how you can qualify for a $50 rebate.

A. Rebates are capped at the total price paid, plus qualifying expenses, up to the maximum amount. Qualifying expenses include the EV charger equipment cost, hardwired installation labor and material costs and applicable permit costs. If the total price is less than $500 (or $1,000 for income-eligible rebates), the rebate will be capped at the actual expenses.

Example: If the total price paid was $399, your rebate will be $399 for either the standard or income-eligible installation.

Example: If the total price paid was $3,000, your rebate will be $500 for a standard installation or $1,000 for an income-eligible installation.

A. If you installed a qualifying EV charger before it was added to our Qualified Products List, you may be eligible for a $50 rebate. Get the details on our program page.

A. Rebates are available Oct. 23, 2020, through December 31, 2024. New enrollments will close on July 31, 2024, or when the pilot reaches 5,000 participants, whichever comes first.

A. You must be a PGE residential customer, purchase a new, qualified EV charger and install it at a single-family home or a condo that has four or fewer attached units.

A. Yes. Before you apply, you should already own or lease an EV or plug-in hybrid and have completed the hardwire installation of your charger.

Up to two EVs that you own are eligible to receive a rebate from one of our two offers: either $500 toward the purchase of a qualifying charger (or $1,000 for income-eligible rebates), or a $50 rebate for enrollment in evPulse. Receiving a rebate will automatically enroll you in the PGE Smart Charging Program for the corresponding vehicle.

Here are a few examples of what that looks like for a two-vehicle household:

  • Two qualified charger purchase rebates

  • Two evPulse enrollments

  • One qualified charger purchase and one evPulse enrollment

PGE Smart Charging Program

A. The PGE Smart Charging Program is our demand response program for EV chargers. By allowing us to shift charging away from peak times or to charge when renewable sources are generating more, you’ll help us rely on clean energy and keep prices affordable. In return, you get a $25 reward at the end of each season (October–March and April–September). We’ll automatically enroll you in the PGE Smart Charging Program once your application for the standard installation, income-eligible installation or Bring Your Own Charger rebate has been qualified.

A. Thanks for your participation! Use your EV and charger like normal. We’ll tell you what to do when we begin to shift your EV charger’s energy use. For now, make sure that your charger is connected to the internet and simply keep charging when you need to.

A. To qualify for the $25 participation reward each season, you must:

  • Participate in a minimum of three Smart Charging Events during the season.

  • Keep your EV charger connected to the internet 50% of the time during the season.

  • Complete 13 active charging sessions during the season.

We’ll give you the reward on your next bill at the end of each season.

A. No. Smart Charging Event seasons are October–March and April–September.

A. Yes. Learn more about our Smart Thermostat Program.

A. Yes. Time of Day can save you money if you have an EV. Learn more about our Time of Day pricing or request information about this option on your rebate application and we’ll reach out to you.

Qualified EV chargers

A. See our Qualified Products List for chargers that have passed our evaluation and are enabled to work as part of the PGE Smart Charging Program.

A. You can buy a charger from the PGE Marketplace, the manufacturer’s website, Amazon, Home Depot or other retailers. The EV charger must be new to qualify for a rebate. If you already own a qualified charger, you may be able to get a Bring Your Own Charger rebate.

A. This pilot has a limited number of qualified chargers that we’ve evaluated for performance, safety, user experience, quality, ease of setup and installation and sustainability. These models achieved either a “best in class” or “acceptable” rating during our evaluation. They also are enabled to work with our system as part of the PGE Smart Charging Program. Please check our qualified products list often as more chargers are added.

A. EV chargers must be enabled for participation in the PGE Smart Charging Program. Unfortunately, Tesla does not produce any of these chargers right now. However, all chargers on our qualified products list work with Tesla vehicles with a Tesla J1772 charging adapter. All Tesla vehicles should come equipped with this adapter at the time of sale. If you use this adapter, please make sure to conform with all local and national codes, standards, regulations or laws.

For more information about enrolling your Tesla in the PGE Smart Charging Program without a qualifying charger, please see the “evPulse” section in this FAQ.

A. Please email us at resevcharging@pgn.com with your name, email, zip code and EV charger make and model. We’ll evaluate the charger to make sure it meets our standards.

EV charger installation

A. Unfortunately, we don’t have recommendations at this time. However, you may use any electrician of your choice. See our EV Charger Installation Checklist checklist for tips.

Please review the EV charger installation checklist and discuss your home’s needs with a licensed electrician. Remember that all qualifying chargers must be hardwired to be eligible for this program.

A. Oregon updated its electrical codes to align with the 2020 National Electric Code (NEC) in April 2021. These updates require EV chargers to be hardwired for safety purposes. Please work with your electrician to properly hardwire your charger according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

A. A hardwired electric vehicle charger is connected directly to the dedicated 240VAC branch circuit designated for your charger. Hardwired chargers do not use plugs or receptacles. All qualified electric vehicle chargers must be hardwired for program participation, including all ChargePoint models.

Note – qualified ChargePoint models sold with either plug type can be hardwired by an electrician during installation.

A. If your panel is undersized for your home’s needs (after the charger is installed) or does not meet current code requirements, it may need to be replaced. Because each home’s requirements are unique, you should discuss your panel needs with a licensed electrician.

A. We recommend that you hire a licensed electrician. You will be responsible for meeting all codes and standards.

A. See how to activate your ChargePoint Home account. By activating, you’ll get software updates and be able to take advantage of smart features. It also allows us to communicate with your charger for the PGE Smart Charging Program.

Rebate application submission

A. Please complete our rebate form for all rebate types (standard, income-eligible, and Bring Your Own Charger). Visit our program page to see the required documents you must submit to resevcharging@pgn.com.

A. ChargePoint owners can find the model number and serial number in the About Charger section in the mobile app. This information is also listed on a sticker near the cord at the bottom of the charger and on the outside of the shipping package.

FLO owners can find the model number and serial number on a sticker located at the bottom of the charging station next to the connector cable or in the FLO mobile app.

A. Please include clear, legible images of:

  • The electric panel, including the circuit breakers supplying the charging station

  • The back of the electric panel cover, including any permitting paperwork or stickers

A. It depends on the income you’ve listed in the income-validation form. We can accept pay stubs, rental income invoices, public assistance payment stubs, Social Security or pensions payment stubs or your most recent IRS income tax return. Please make sure the documents match the income listed on your form.

Rebates and reward payments

A. Once you qualify for the rebate, we’ll send a check to the person listed on the application, as long as they are either the account holder or co-account holder.

A. This pilot requires you to be the account holder or co-account holder. Please have the account holder apply or add you as a co-account holder.

A. Yes. Just call Customer Service at 503-228-6322 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. We can help you update the name on the account. Your name must be updated in our records before we can send you a rebate check.

A. Once we confirm that you meet the participation requirements for the season, we’ll issue the $25 as a credit on your next bill. You may see a lag depending on when your billing cycle starts. The credit may be applied in April or May and again in October or November


We’ve added a new program just for Tesla owners that provides you an easy way to optimize your charging and rewards you for helping reduce energy use during peak times, which helps keep prices lower for the community. evPulse is for PGE customers who own a Tesla and an EV charger that is not eligible for the PGE Residential EV Charging Pilot Program. You’ll earn $50 for signing up and connecting your car to evPulse, plus seasonal rewards through the PGE Smart Charging Program.

A. To participate in the PGE Smart Charging Program, apply through PGE’s website and select the evPulse rebate for $50. We will direct you to register with evPulse. Follow the simple, two-step evPulse registration process to connect your vehicle and set up notifications by SMS to be informed about optimized charge scheduling. You will receive an email from PGE about your enrollment status.

A. It can take up to three weeks to confirm your eligibility. Once you are enrolled, your reward will be processed in four to six weeks. You will receive emails directly from PGE about your enrollment status and enrollment reward.

A. While you are enrolled in the PGE Smart Charging Program, your vehicle charging may be rescheduled to avoid charging during PGE’s demand response events and maximize your off peak charging. Your vehicle will still be charged and ready for use by your “Ready by” time.

When you return home and plug in, you may receive a notification about your charging via the web app and/or an SMS text. Notifications will include guidance on the battery percentage your vehicle will reach and the time it will be scheduled to finish. Your rescheduled charge is determined by the following factors:

  • Your charge limit as set in the Tesla app or vehicle console

  • The “Ready by” time you select in the evPulse application

  • Your home charger power as determined by historical data

A. There are two Smart Charging Event seasons in the year: October to March and April to September. evPulse will begin to manage charging for these demand response events starting in January 2022.

If you are on a residential Time of Use rate, your charge will be optimized outside of demand response events as well, beginning in January 2022.

A. As part of the PGE Smart Charging Program, your vehicle charging will be scheduled to avoid charging during PGE’s demand response events and maximize your off-peak charging. This will help ensure your electricity bill is as low as possible.

A. When adding your Tesla, you may be asked for an additional code. This is usually a result of having two-factor authentication on your account. You’ll need to look this up on a two factor authenticator on your phone and enter the number given.

A. No. Optimized charging schedules will not impact vehicle preconditioning and climate control in preparation for a Scheduled Departure time.

A. PGE Smart Charging schedules always allow your vehicle to be charged to your target battery level by the “Ready by” time set in your evPulse web app at portlandgeneral.evpulse.com/dashboard (defaulting to 6 a.m. in your local time zone).

If you have used your Tesla dashboard to schedule charging at periods that may have higher rates, your charging may be rescheduled for periods of lower rates or outside of PGE demand response events — provided that your new schedule ensures that you are easily able to reach your maximum target battery range.

It is highly recommended that you do not schedule charging through your Tesla vehicle console while also participating in charge scheduling through the PGE Smart Charging Program, as Tesla native scheduling may interfere with the optimal schedules recommended as part of the program.

A. evPulse may send you notifications by SMS in order to provide a better, more transparent PGE Smart Charging Program experience. These notifications could include reminders to plug in (in case you’re at home and can use a charge), updates on optimized charging schedules as they are activated for you and alerts about your charging being interrupted. You can configure your notification preferences and opt out of receiving them at any time.

A. Your car will finish charging as early as possible outside of the event period, but always before your target “Ready by” time (which defaults to 6 a.m. in your local time zone).

A. Your car will be charged to the target battery percentage limit you set in your Tesla app, provided that it is physically possible to reach the limit, given your home charger power and the hours until your “Ready by” time.

A. evPulse is committed to providing you with the charge that you need, when you need it. In case your plans change and you need to charge your car immediately for an earlier departure, you can always do so.

Here are three ways:

  • Replying CHARGE NOW in response to any scheduled charging SMS notification

  • Initiating a charge session through your Tesla app (tapping “Start charging”) or in your Tesla console

  • Clicking the “Charge now” button for the active session notification in your evPulse dashboard

Change of address

A. You can email resevcharging@pgn.com and let us know whether you want to continue participating at your new home using your current EV charger, are planning to purchase a new charger or would like to unenroll from the pilot.

A. If you’ve already received an installation or Bring Your Own Charger rebate for your EV charger, you may not qualify for another one. However, you can enroll in the PGE Smart Charging Program and qualify for rewards at your new address. If you are purchasing a new qualified EV charger for your new address, you may qualify for a second installation rebate. At this time, we are able to offer only two installation rebates per account.


A. You can email us at resevcharging@pgn.com and let us know that you want to unenroll from the Smart Charging Program. Your EV charger will no longer participate in any Smart Charging Events. If you qualify for a reward, it will be issued at the end of the season.


A. No. We don’t sell any participant’s information to a third party.

A. Please feel free to email us at resevcharging@pgn.com.