Electrifying Transportation

Our clean energy future depends on a reliable, fast-charging infrastructure. We’re working with all kinds of smart people to make it happen.

We’re not the only ones who care about a clean energy future

We know it will take all of us to create the clean energy future we envision, plus a heavy dose of innovation. That’s why we are collaborating with both public and private organizations to bring this vision to light.

Daimler and PGE collaborate on “Electric Island”

A new public heavy-duty electric truck charging site will feature charging for commercial electric vehicles at up to four times the speed of today’s chargers, plus energy storage.

Planning for an electric I-5 – and more jobs

The West Coast Clean Transit Corridor Initiative would create jobs in economic recovery and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from freight transportation.

Electric school buses – yes!

Cleaner, quieter, less costly to operate – what’s not to love about electric school buses? Especially because the air inside and outside the bus cabin is healthier for our kids, our neighborhoods and all Oregonians. That’s why we are partnering with four public school districts in our service area to enable adoption of electric school buses.

We’re doing it, too.

We are walking the talk around our commitment to advancing transportation electrification in Oregon. More than 60% of our entire fleet will be electric by 2030, including 100% of Class 1 vehicles (sedans, SUVs, small pickups — even forklifts), by 2025.

Got an electrification project that needs funding?

From transit buses and passenger vehicles to electric bikes and community service vehicles, the PGE Drive Change Fund is all about electrifying transportation in Oregon. Do you have a local electric vehicle adoption, EV charging infrastructure and/or education project you would like us to fund? Get in touch.

You know that can that keeps getting kicked down the road? We picked it up.

Someone had to do something about climate change. We figured why not us? That’s why we aim to achieve zero emissions associated with the power we serve our customers by 2040. With a partnership between you and us we’ll create an energy ecosystem that’s dynamic, flexible, reliable and affordable, for everyone.

“The benefits of a future powered by clean electricity are real. We can combat climate change, improve air and water quality and help create a more sustainable way of life. This vision isn’t just aspirational. It’s attainable and critical to Oregon’s future.”
Maria Pope, President and CEO, Portland General Electric

Electric Avenue charging stations

The future of electric transportation isn’t tomorrow. It’s right now. There are currently more than almost 40,000 electric vehicles registered in Oregon, and in 2019, the Oregon legislature passed a bill setting a goal for 250,000 zero-emission vehicles to be registered by 2025. To support that anticipated growth, we’re accelerating the expansion of our Electric Avenues. Those charging stations will join a larger network of charging infrastructure that is being built across the state. Read more about charging your electric vehicle.