Neighborhood EV Charging

Making EV charging more accessible for everyone!

What’s driving us

Electric cars don’t just save you money on fuel and maintenance, they also play a huge role in combating climate change by helping meet state and local goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But as EVs gain in popularity, one issue that is often raised is “Where can I charge it?” This is especially true for folks without garages or driveways who are usually parking on the street.

We started close to home

If you live in SE Portland or Milwaukie, you’re in luck. We are testing out our new EV pole chargers using our existing utility poles.

Portland locations: Southeast 29th Avenue and Southeast 35th Place

Milwaukie locations: Southeast 29th Avenue and Southeast Washington and 25th Avenue

Cost to charge: $3 for 4 hours. An additional peak-time fee of $0.19 per kWh will be assessed on weekdays between 3 and 8 p.m.

Electrify your ride

If you’re ready to drive towards the clean energy future, you’ve come to the right place. We can get you started on your journey with an EV Cost & Savings Calculator that’ll help exploring the wide range of electric vehicles available, finding rebates and incentives that are being offered and even charging options. And, when you’re ready to buy an EV, we can help you with that too!

Clean and green

It’s easy to do your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions when you drive an electric vehicle. Here in Oregon, gas engines account for 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. EVs? Virtually zero tailpipe emissions. And you can make your electricity mix 100% carbon free with our Green Future renewable power program.

Save on fuel

With electric vehicles, there's no gas to burn or gas to buy. And maintenance, what maintenance? Simply charge your EV overnight and wake up to a “full battery”. EVs are easy!

More places to charge

From at home to at work, retail businesses and even utility poles in neighborhoods, let’s face it, the number of places you can charge an EV has expanded and will continue to do so. If you had any doubt, now’s the time to kiss that gas station goodbye!