Electric Vehicles & Charging

Show your commitment to the environment by going electric! Say goodbye to oil changes and gas stations, and hello to a cleaner conscience – and cleaner air.

You said you’d get an EV when Oregon had more charging stations. Ta da! We do.

Switching to electric vehicles could make a huge dent in Oregon’s emissions. We’re trying to do everything we can to make that switch an easy one. We’re not only helping to build an electric vehicle charging infrastructure, we’re supporting electrification of school buses and public transportation across the state. And, yep! We’re electrifying our own vehicle fleet, too.

Why electric?

There are a lot more electric vehicle options than there were a few years ago (Electric trucks? Yes!). We bet you can find an EV that fits your lifestyle. And your budget – $5 could mean a full charge on a 175-mile vehicle, as opposed to 30 to 45 miles in a gas-powered vehicle. Plus, fewer moving parts mean less maintenance. No more oil changes, timing belts, transmission fluid, spark plugs or emission checks. You probably won’t even replace your brakes for 100,000 miles. Still not sure? Let us help you decide.

Clean and green

It’s easy to do your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions when you drive an electric vehicle. Here in Oregon, gas engines account for 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. EVs? Zero tailpipe emissions. And you can make your electricity mix 100% carbon free with our renewable power program.

Easy to charge

Did you know you can plug your EV into a regular wall outlet in your garage? Plus, charging stations are popping up all over Oregon at malls, gas stations, grocery stores, even offices. We’re even offering special incentives to businesses who provide chargers for their employees and customers.

Farther than you think

How far can you drive after charging your EV? Electric vehicles have come a long way since they were limited to 100 miles or so. 275 miles is the average range for modern EVs, and some can go up to 450 miles before you need to stop and charge. Performance has improved drastically as well – you might be surprised by the specs on some of the new, high horsepower EVs.

Let’s talk charging

We get it. The electric vehicle charging infrastructure needs to be there to make owning an EV practical. We’re making sure that it’s getting bigger all the time by funding programs that expand that infrastructure. Find a charging location in your neighborhood on this map PGE. Still have questions? We have answers.

Wake up every morning with a “full tank”

Yes, you really can just plug your car into a regular wall outlet overnight and wake up to a fully charged car. Or you can upgrade to a Level 2 charger, which will charge your car even faster. Incentives make at-home Level 2 chargers more affordable than you think.

EV charging at your office, business or multi-family residence

Businesses who provide EV charging facilities for their customers, tenants and employees are making a strong statement about their commitment to the environment. Whether you want to power a fleet of work vehicles, attract new business or just keep customers charged up, we can help.

Ready to buy?

Are you ready to be the proud owner of a smarter, cleaner, higher-performing car that costs you less money to own and operate? Learn more about purchasing an EV and a Level 2 charger at one of the local auto dealerships we’re partnering with.

Already own an EV?

You can help shape new programs that support drivers like you and encourage more people to go electric. Take this quick survey and tell us a little about your EV and how you drive and charge it.

When it comes to electric vehicles, there is no reverse.

It won’t happen overnight, but we have confidence in our ability to work together to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions in our state. We have confidence in you. Here are a few ways we are supporting transportation electrification, with your help.

We’re doing it, too.

We are walking the talk around our commitment to advancing transportation electrification in Oregon. More than 60% of our entire fleet will be electric by 2030, including 100% of Class 1 vehicles (sedans, SUVs, small pickups — even forklifts), by 2025.

Electric school buses – yes!

Cleaner, quieter, less costly to operate – what’s not to love about electric school buses? Especially because the air inside and outside the bus cabin is healthier for our kids, our neighborhoods and all Oregonians. That’s why we are partnering with four public school districts in our service area to enable adoption of electric school buses.

Got an electrification project that needs funding?

From transit buses and passenger vehicles to electric bikes and community service vehicles, the PGE Drive Change Fund is all about electrifying transportation in Oregon. Do you have a local electric vehicle adoption, EV charging infrastructure and/or education project you would like us to fund? Get in touch.