Funding Your EV or Charging Project

Clean Fuels credits

EVs typically cost less to operate because fuel and maintenance costs are lower. When you own and operate an EV charger, whether it’s for your fleet, your employees or the public, you generate Clean Fuel Credits through the Oregon Clean Fuels Program PGE. We can help you turn the credits your chargers earn into revenue for your business. How it works PGE.

Just fill out the simple online interest form to get started.

PGE Drive Change Fund

From transit buses and passenger vehicles to electric bikes and community service vehicles, the PGE Drive Change Fund is all about electrifying transportation in Oregon. Do you have a local electric vehicle adoption, EV charging infrastructure or education project you would like us to fund? Get in touch.

PGE Electric School Bus

The PGE Electric School Bus Fund is excited to bring more electric school buses to Oregon. Are you a public school district in PGE service area? Get in touch.

PGE Transportation Matching Fund

We’re excited to see the impact electric transportation will have on Oregon’s clean energy future. We know strong adoption of electric vehicles depends on reliable, fast-charging infrastructure, and thanks to funding from the Clean Fuels program, we’re matching the funding you've received for these projects.

The PGE Transportation Matching Fund is an opportunity for public agencies, community-based organizations, nonprofits, educational institutions and others to partner with PGE in support of making electric transportation more accessible across Oregon. For more information, view our fact sheet PGE then reach out to us at to get started.