Energy Partner On Demand

A customizable solution to saving energy and earning rewards

Control your business’ energy impact with flexibility while earning financial incentives.

As a business, we know you need solutions that will help you save money while also helping you reduce your environmental impact. With PGE’s Energy Partner On Demand, we’ll help your business not only save money but also earn money for using your energy differently. With On Demand, your business will be earning in no time and making a big difference for Oregon’s clean energy future.

How does it work?

There are certain times throughout the year when higher strain is placed on the electrical grid — such as hot afternoons or cold mornings – resulting in what we call “Peak Time Events”. Energy Partner On Demand is designed to help you reach your sustainability goals by partnering with us to identify ways you can shift your energy use during these peak times. Additionally, we can help you prepare for emergency situations by investing in battery storage solutions for your business.

Flexible solutions created together

When PGE and business leaders come together, we are able to create innovative solutions which help organizations meet their goals and add a new revenue stream while shaping Oregon's clean energy future. Chad Bentley, operations manager for Hardwood Industries, shares how Energy Partner On Demand is a win-win solution for local businesses.

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Control your business’ energy impact with flexibility while earning financial incentives.

Is Energy Partner On Demand right for you?

There’s a lot your business can do to reach your sustainability goals. We’re here to help you discover which Energy Partner programs make the most sense for your unique business needs.

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Access Energy Partner On Demand insights

Current participants can log-in to their dashboard to view and export their energy usage, revise their participation options and nominations, and see their event performance and incentive payments.

Looking for more ways to manage your energy use? We’ve got options.

When it comes to how and when your business uses energy, optimization makes a real impact — and with Energy Partner Insights knowledge is quite literally power.

Even small efforts can make a big impact when it comes to managing your business' energy use. Energy Partner Smart Thermostat gives you more control of your energy use while helping you save money year-round.

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