Energy Partner℠ Program

Get paid to use less energy

Introducing a customizable way for your business to generate new revenue, meet your sustainability goals, manage your energy costs and learn more about your energy use.

Get paid to use less energy

We know, we know. Crazy huh? But PGE actually pays larger businesses to use less energy when they take advantage of our Energy Partner program. To learn more, check out this short video.

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Success stories

Energy Partner works for a wide variety of businesses and industries. From water treatment plants and cold storage facilities to municipalities and manufacturers, we’ve shown dozens of local companies how simple, creative energy-shifting strategies can make a difference without impacting operations.

Alpenrose Dairy

By taking a hard look at their energy use, Alpenrose Dairy has been able to milk extra efficiency and savings out of the refrigerated production lines.

South Fork Water Board

Water plants and facilities use a lot of energy, but after a thorough assessment and participating in PGE’s Energy Partner program, this water utility has been able to use a lot less.

Thermal Modification Technologies

Initial skepticism that they were not a good candidate for the program subsided quickly once they realized real and tangible benefits.

Henningson Cold Storage

A cold storage operator found it easy shift energy a few hours without impacting their operations. And earn significant money in the process. 

Hardwood Industries

The lead times and great communication make it easy for this lumber company to participate in the Energy Partner program. Plus, it has created a nice new revenue stream.

“We worked closely with PGE every step of the way to create a plan for us to earn money and shift energy while keeping our animals, customers and staff comfortable.”
– Lydia Neill, Facilities Manager, Oregon Zoo
Use the latest smart energy technology to your advantage

Earn money by shifting your energy use, with minimal effort on your part

Boost your sustainability

Access your real-time energy information to better manage your energy use

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Who else is taking advantage of Energy Partner? Check out the recent Portland Business Journal ad PGE featuring the local companies helping create a cleaner energy future for Oregon.

To find out how Energy Partner could help your bottom line, call us at 503-467-0894 or email our Energy Partner specialists.

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No problem – just give us a call at 503-467-0894 or email our Energy Partner specialists to discuss your unique needs and situation.  

You may be surprised at how small changes can add up to big savings. See our fact sheet PGE for more information.