Renewable Power Options

From a little to a lot, choose the renewable mix that works for you.

A little or a lot, we’ve got you powered

As a PGE customer, you’re already getting a portion of your energy from renewable sources with your Basic Service. From there, it’s easy to add more renewable energy to your mix (and way more affordable than you might think).

Clean choices for homeowners, renters and small businesses


You automatically get renewable energy

Everyone starts on Basic Service. You get power from a mix of sources that includes a little wind and solar, along with hydroelectric, natural gas and more. If you’re a night owl or you have an EV, consider switching from Basic Service to Time of Day.

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Time of Day

Save money and support cleaner energy sources

Time of Day pricing is cheaper than Basic Service all hours and days except from the on-peak period of 5-9 p.m. weekdays. So, if you can use less energy from 5-9 p.m. Mon.-Fri., you can save on your PGE bill!  And no matter how much you save, shifting energy away from high demand periods lets us use even more clean energy resources.

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Most Popular

Green Future Choice

Go 100% renewable with one easy step

Be part of the clean energy future. Go 100% renewable for about $7 more a month on average ($13 if you’re a small business)* and help fund new renewable projects in Oregon. It only seems too good to be true.

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*Average renewable customer energy use is about 795 kWh per month for homes and about 1,350 kWh per month for small businesses. Your monthly cost will vary based on your actual energy usage.

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Green Future Block

Add “blocks” of renewable energy to your mix

You can add more renewable power, in blocks that each cost less than a large cup of tea. And because they support local renewable projects, they give you that same mellow, happy feeling.

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Clean choices for larger businesses and municipalities

Go partially or fully renewable with ease, at levels that are just right for your organization. You get public recognition, marketing kits to promote your support, verified carbon reduction and inexpensive, local and carbon-free power. If your bill says Schedule 83, 85 or 89 you’re eligible.

Green Future Enterprise

Wind power for large commercial and industrial customers

Available to customers on . It’s offered at several levels, based as a percentage of your total electricity use. You decide which support level is right for your organization.

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Green Future Impact

Source up to 100% of your business’s electricity from wind or solar

Help your business, city or county meet its ambitious sustainability and carbon reduction goals with the opportunity to source up to 100% of your electricity from a new regional wind or solar facility that you make possible.

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Community Solar

The Oregon Community Solar Program is a new offering that brings small solar projects to communities throughout the state. Best of all, it’s available to everyone, even if you rent your home or lease your business space.

The fish will thank you

Add Habitat Support to any Green Future renewable power option and help the Nature Conservancy restore local fish habitat.

Your dollars, working locally

When you sign up for Green Future Choice or Green Future Block, you’re not just helping build a clean energy future, you’re also helping create local jobs, build solar projects right in the community and support underserved communities through the PGE Renewable Development Fund.

Green Future Choice, Green Future Block, Green Future Enterprise and Green Future Impact are service marks of Portland General Electric Company.