Energy Partner Insights

Real-time energy use data to help guide your business’ energy strategy

Understand your energy footprint

We know your business’ energy use is important to understand. Energy Partner Insights is an information management system that gives you 24/7 access to your energy use information.

  • At the company level, maps and pie charts provide visual location information and percentage of energy use by building

  • Charting features at the individual meter level allow you to overlay temperature, quickly identify peak points, and add notes to remember special circumstances or events associated with a specific point

  • Analytics, such as heat maps, monthly profiles and daily average profiles allow you to quick spot anomalies and identify trends

  • Reports allow you to keep track of your meters, spot abnormal non-occupancy energy use, and quickly export kWh use - by month or meter - for the last 12 months

How does it work?

Energy Partner Insights is updated daily to capture the most recent interval meter data available. When you log in, you instantly have access to the platform's suit of charts, analytics and reports. Additionally you will have the ability to set threshold alarms and schedule reporting. That's the quick access needed to optimize your energy management.

Platform Orientation

Already using Energy Partner Insights or looking for a quick tour of our new platform? This video will give you the high-level details on navigating in this tool to maximize your insights and actions.

Is Energy Partner Insights right for you?

When it comes to how and when your business uses energy, optimization makes a real impact. With Energy Partner Insights, knowledge is quite literally power. To learn more, email

Check out the Energy Partner Insights Platform Guide PGE.

Looking for more ways to manage your energy use? We’ve got options.

We know your business depends on safe and reliable energy. And while delivering that is always our top priority, we want to make sure you’re ready in the event of an emergency. Our Energy Partner On Demand and Energy Partner Resiliency programs are designed to do just that.

The more you can remove the guesswork around your business’ energy consumption, the better. Energy Partner Smart Thermostat gives you more control of your energy use while helping you save money year-round.

To learn more, contact your PGE representative or email