LED Lighting for Business

Lighting consumes about 30 percent of the total energy used in most commercial buildings. So naturally, it’s a good place to start when considering ways to make your business more energy efficient.

Change your last lightbulb

Today’s LED lights cut energy use by up to 85 percent and last for years and years. They come in lots of styles, types and color tones that will fit any need. And, once you’ve got them installed, you can sit back and let the savings roll in. In fact, with new LED lighting, the return on investment is very quick. But before you run off to the big box store to buy some new LEDs, we recommend singing up for a free Savings Checkup. We can save you a lot of time and hassle by showing you which bulbs are best for your circumstances. We’ll even help find available rebates and incentives to save on the upfront improvement costs. And, our Energy Experts can provide valuable information on other areas your business can improve its energy efficiency.

Learn more about LED lighting advantages

Find out which LED lights are smartest for businesses, and why.

Quick Tips to Save Your Business Energy

Energy-saving tips for lighting, hot water, office and manufacturing equipment, as well as many others.