Energy Partner Smart Thermostat

A great way to manage your business’ energy costs and earn rewards.

If your business uses ducted electric heating and/or air conditioning and has Wi-Fi, you can earn seasonal incentives by simply enrolling in PGE’s Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program. It’s easy and free to join, all you need is a smart thermostat.

It starts with a smart thermostat

During hot summer or cold winter days, we all use more electricity. To help keep power reliable, affordable and sustainable, your business can enroll in PGE's Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program. By enrolling in the program, we’ll install a free smart thermostat for your business, helping manage your energy use and enabling you to earn rewards for each season you participate.

Smart tech makes saving simple

With Energy Partner Smart Thermostat, your thermostat automatically adjusts a few degrees to shift your energy use during Peak Time Events. These subtle shifts make it easy to keep energy more reliable for everyone, save a little on your bill and support the use of more sustainable energy.

Get paid to shift

When you enroll in Energy Partner Smart Thermostat, you can earn an additional $60 per site each season that you participate in Peak Time Events.

You’re always in control

Not a good time for your temperature to be adjusted? That’s okay! You’re always in control of your comfort and can override the change. Participate in at least 50% of the season’s event hours and you’ll earn rewards.

How do I enroll?

For PGE business customers, there are two ways to participate in the Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program.

Already have a thermostat?

If your business uses ducted electric heating and/or air conditioning and has installed Wi-Fi, you can enroll in PGE’s Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program – just choose your thermostat below, click and enroll. When you enroll in Energy Partner Smart Thermostat with a qualifying thermostat, PGE will give you a $100 up-front reward for participating.

Need a smart thermostat? Connect with our Energy Experts.

Meet with our Energy Experts for a free Energy Savings Checkup. They'll help you get your free smart thermostat — complete with professional installation — and explore more ways to save your business money, time and energy.

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Success Stories

We love seeing our customers save money, time and energy.

Lovejoy Bakers

Lovejoy Bakers scored a tasty deal with the Energy Partner program. Once they got their smart thermostats installed, their energy bill dropped by almost 40%. That's a sweet savings of several hundred dollars per month!

How does it work?

During times of peak energy demand, such as exceptionally hot days or coldmornings, PGE will announce a Peak Time Event. When the event starts, your thermostat will automatically adjust by just a few degrees. Once the event ends, your thermostat will go back to its original setting. You might not even notice the change, but it can significantly improve your bottom line. As long as you don't override more than 50 percent of a season's event hours, we'll pay you $60 per participating site. With this simple shift, you'll be saving energy and earning ongoing rewards.

Plus, these smart thermostats empower you with greater control over your energy consumption, enabling year-round savings on both energy usage and costs.

Energy Partner Smart Thermostat FAQs

To join, you must meet all the following criteria:

  • Be a commercial customer with Portland General Electric. 

  • A ducted electric heating and/or air conditioning system. This means a system that delivers heated or cooled air through ducts. Vents are typically in the ceiling or floor. 

  • An installed Wi-Fi network. This means a Wi-Fi network is installed and always available for you, your customers, or your business partners. A mobile hotspot, for example, isn’t permanent. Such networks are only turned on when the device owner is present.

There are two ways to enroll and participate in the program, Bring Your Own or PGE-provided upgrade.  

If you have a qualified thermostat, you may go through the Bring Your Own enrollment process:  

  • First sign up and agree to participation terms and conditions through the enrollment link matched to your qualifying thermostat brand.   

  • Next we’ll do a bit of validation to confirm you are a PGE commercial customer. 

  • Then we’ll need to collect a bit more data about your thermostats and a W9. 

  • Finally, we’ll complete your enrollment, set you up for seasonal participation, and issue your enrollment reward. Seasonal rewards are issued after each season. 

If you do not have a qualified thermostat, you may go through our PGE-provided thermostat installation upgrade process.  

  • First sign up for a free energy consultation with one of our Energy Experts. 

  • Next we’ll schedule your install, or pass along your information to the scheduling team.   

  • Then we’ll collect your agreement to the participation terms and conditions and W9.  

  • Finally, we’ll complete the thermostat installation, enrollment, and set you up for seasonal participation. Seasonal rewards are issued after each season.  

If you are unsure if you qualify to participate, sign up for a free consultation with one of our Energy Experts or email us to get started.  

No problem. You can reach out and meet one of our Energy Experts who can get a qualified thermostat installed for you, for free. To qualify for the Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program, you need a ducted electric heating or air conditioning system. You also need a permanently installed Wi-Fi network. Sign up for a free energy consultation with one of our Energy Experts. Or, email us at to get started.

Commercial building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are different than residential. Some of the differences are with the mechanical system set up and code requirements.  Commercial spaces have additional ventilation requirements and there may be multiple HVAC systems with complicated set ups (i.e., dampers, sensors, zones). Commercial thermostats are best suited to support commercial HVAC systems and requirements. 

Yes! If you rent or lease, you can join the program. We recommend checking in with your building ownership if you have additional questions.

None of the qualified thermostats for this program can integrate into these types of building systems.  If you have one of these building systems, contact us to determine eligibility for the Energy Partner On Demand program or other PGE program.

Yes! Honeywell, Pelican and ecobee thermostats have online portals that can be accessed from any computer, smart phone, tablet, or other smart device. In these portals you can view all connected thermostats in one location, change temperatures, update schedules, view performance history, and more. There may be a subscription fee to access additional features of the portal. While Pelican does not have an app, Honeywell and ecobee have smartphone apps.

You can reach your thermostat manufacturer’s customer service team at these numbers: 

If you are participating with a PGE-provided and installed thermostat, we may be able to provide a service call to help determine if there’s an issue with the thermostat or your HVAC system. Call us at 855-218-8816 to schedule a service call.  

If you are participating through Bring Your Own, please contact your preferred HVAC technician.  

In all cases, we recommend contacting your preferred HVAC technician for additional HVAC system troubleshooting and contacting the thermostat manufacturer for thermostat troubleshooting.

Please contact us to shift your enrollment to the new location. The new location must meet program qualification and participation requirements. 

Please contact us to enroll additional locations. Additional locations must meet program qualification and participation requirements.

We understand this may happen and sincerely appreciate your efforts as a business owner. Please contact us to process your unenrollment from the program.

No problem. Please contact us to process your unenrollment from the program.

CLEAResult ( was selected in a competitive process to help PGE install thermostats, complete program enrollments, and administer the Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program through 2024. 

On certain days when energy use is high, we will call a Peak Time Event. During the event, your smart, 

Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat will automatically adjust your HVAC temperature settings by 1 to 4 degrees. This means that during an event, your HVAC system will shift operations and lower its energy use.  Your thermostat will adjust back to your regular setting after the event is over. It’s easy and automatic. When everyone on the program shifts their energy use, it adds up. This helps use more sustainable resources. It lowers costs and keeps providing you with reliable energy. In summer or winter, temperatures are extreme. Demand for electricity rises and strains the grid. Our program is designed to help customers use less energy. This decreases the use of less efficient and more expensive energy sources. That's good for the environment, and it helps keep energy costs low for everyone. 

You may get emails, texts, and see notifications on your thermostat, online portal, or smartphone app depending on your brand of thermostat and how you enrolled. They will come before the Peak Time Events. Notifications on the thermostat and smartphone app will look different. 

Honeywell and ecobee thermostats will adjust and show a message on the display screen indicating a Peak Time Event is in progress. There is also messaging in the online portal and smartphone app.  

Pelican thermostats will adjust but will not show a message on the display screen when a Peak Time Event is in progress.  You can review event participation through the online portal. Pelican does not have a smartphone app. 

It may be helpful to notify employees or building occupants prior to the event to encourage participation. 

There are typically eight to nine Peak Time Events each summer and five to six events each winter. Each event lasts between one and five hours. 

Here are the summer and winter seasons: 

  • Summer season runs June 1 through September 30.  

  • Winter season runs November 1 through February 28th.  

Thermostats will participate in summer events when they control a qualifying AC system. 

Thermostats will participate in winter events when they control a qualifying electric heating system.  

Thermostats will participate in both seasons if you have both qualifying electric cooling and heating systems.  

Yes, you are always in control of your thermostat settings and comfort. The program was created to reduce energy use during peak times. It wasn't made to make you or your customers uncomfortable. 

To earn your program rewards, make sure to participate in at least 50% of the event hours during the event season. 

You’re always in control and can change your thermostat setting at any time. Just adjust your thermostat during the event. Follow the prompts to stop.  

Certain building types, HVAC systems, and occupancy characteristics are better suited to longer event participation than others, but most customers are able to participate for the full event duration. If you or your building occupants are uncomfortable, you can opt out of the remaining event hours at any time simply by changing the thermostat temperature. 

No – your participation is voluntary.  

  • If you enroll a site with a qualifying thermostat, that you already owned (i.e. Bring Your Own), you will get a $100 reward per site (after we screen for eligibility). You'll also get a $60 reward per site for each season you participate in 50% or more event hours. 

  • If you need an upgrade to a qualifying thermostat and go through our PGE-provided thermostat installation, you will not get an additional enrollment reward. You will receive a $60 check reward per site for each season you participate in 50% or more event hours. 

We will send seasonal rewards within 60 days of the end of the season. Winter season runs November through February. Participants who qualify for a reward should get a check by the end of April. Summer runs from June through September. Participants who qualify should get their check by the end of November.

We will send Bring Your Own enrollment rewards within 8-12 weeks of successfully completing all enrollment steps.

Rewards are issued in the form of paper check that is mailed to you. 

When everyone shifts their energy use at peak times it adds up to make a big difference. It's a community approach to using more sustainable energy. It helps keep energy reliable and supports Oregon's clean energy future. You can reduce energy use. This will stop the need to turn on costlier, less-green resources on very hot or cold days.

What else should I know?

See our fact sheet for more information. Still have questions? Connect with our Energy Experts.

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