Outdoor Safety
Look up and be aware

Stay safe

The biggest danger outside is accidental contact with overhead electric conductors. To stay safe, pay attention to:

  • Where lines are

  • What you’re doing that might provide a path for electricity to travel through you to the ground

  • Electricity is always seeking a path to the ground through a conductor. Common conductors outdoors are:

    • Water

    • Trees and tree branches (they’re water-rich)

    • Metal equipment such as ladders, chainsaws, trimmers, and gutters

    • Other materials you might not expect to conduct, such as wood or concrete

    • Humans and animals (we’re water-rich, too)

  • Conductors don’t actually have to touch a wire to cause trouble so always keep yourself and your equipment at least 20 feet away from power lines. It’s not only safe, it’s also the law.

Bottom line? If it’s near a power line, don’t touch it.

Know your storm safety

Call PGE immediately at  503-464-7777in Portland, or  800-544-1795 to report any downed utility line. 

  • If you see a downed or sagging line, stay away!

  • A downed line doesn’t have to spark to be dangerous

  • Don’t touch anything near a downed power line

  • If a person or animal is in contact with electricity, stay back

  • If a line falls on your car, stay in your vehicle

  • Never use gasoline, propane or charcoal burning devices in your home

If you see a downed line, stay far back

Call PGE at 800-544-1795.

Need to prune or remove a tree?

Call the PGE Tree Hotline at 503-736-5460.

Warn kids to stay away from trees that are touching or within 10 feet of a power line. See more in our Kids’ Safety PGE section