Welcome to the Smart Grid Test Bed

By participating in the Smart Grid Test Bed, you can earn rewards for helping create a stronger, more resilient grid. Together, we'll discover ways to rethink energy and shape Oregon’s clean energy future.

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Small changes make a big difference

Smart grid technology and programs give us the power to work as a community to help use more sustainable resources, keep energy prices lower, and invest in future projects that create Oregon jobs and a healthier environment. Each program will be offered to small groups to take advantage of the technologies and locations available.

Our Test Bed is gaining momentum, and it’s all thanks to you. Recently, PGE was selected to receive a U.S. Department of Energy grant PGE of more than $6 million to expand our projects.

Smart grid pilot programs

From smart grid-connected appliances, solar energy and battery storage to home EV charging, you may be invited to participate in one or more of these new, innovative Studies and pilot programs. Depending on your location, you’ll have access to offerings designed to help you reduce energy and save money while helping create the flexible, more resilient energy grid of the future.

If you live within our EV Smart Charging Study boundary and drive a Tesla manufactured in 2012 or later, you're invited to take part in our EV Smart Charging Study. Learn more

If you have a qualifying solar inverter* and live within our Test Bed Solar Study boundary, you’ll be invited to be part of taking solar energy to the next level. We’ll be reaching out early in 2023 with more information and how to apply.

*Enphase IQ7 and IQ 8 Microinverters (specifically the Enphase devices listed by HECO) Learn more

Our role

The smart grid is a necessary upgrade to meet our shared climate and community goals. The Test Bed will be the hub that brings together separate pieces of technology and energy delivery to produce a more integrated grid for the future.

To expand the Test Bed, we will upgrade existing feeders and substations — the equipment we use to move electricity — with advanced automation distribution technologies. These upgraded sensors, processors and communication devices can help improve reliability and service quality. They’ll also transform the traditional one-way flow of electricity into a two-way flow of electricity and information.

We’re here to help

Do you have more questions about the Test Bed or smart grids? We’d be glad to answer them. Contact us at smartgridtestbed@pgn.com, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.