Neighborhood Projects

Learn how we’re building a brighter energy future for you

Keeping your energy safe, reliable and affordable

Wondering what the construction in your neighborhood is all about? As we work toward Oregon's clean energy future, we’re strengthening the energy grid to make it smarter, more efficient and more reliable for you. This includes replacing aging equipment to increase resiliency, reduce outages, keep energy affordable for you and your neighbors, accommodate growth in our area and allow for better integration of renewable resources.

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System Upgrades

Our energy grid is the backbone structure that brings you safe, affordable energy. We regularly inspect and replace older power lines and equipment with new “smart grid” technology that allows for two-way energy communication. This helps us provide reliable power to you and your neighbors, but it also does so much more!

Got a rooftop solar panel? Now we can connect it to our grid and share energy. Another example is smart meters that let us start or stop service remotely.

Underground Projects

Many of the power lines and equipment in the energy grid are underground. That means there’s a lot going on that you can’t see! We inspect, and when needed, replace those lines to keep the grid strong and resilient.

By making sure these underground lines are working their best, we can keep up with the growth of all the new homes and businesses in your neighborhood.

Preventative Maintenance

Look up! You might see our crews in your neighborhood removing branches that could otherwise fall on power lines. Keeping you safe and with power is all in a day’s work.

By trimming trees and removing other vegetation, we can prevent outages and help improve safety for our workers and you.

Current projects

Multiple construction projects are underway across our service area. We’ll update this regularly.

Learn more about how we're strengthening the energy grid to make it smarter, more efficient and more reliable for you.

Do you use electricity to meet your medical or disability needs?

Your well-being is our top priority, and it’s important to always be prepared for an outage, as they can happen at any time. If this or any planned outage could affect your health or safety, please call us at 503-612-3838 to discuss how we can help.

Questions about a project?

Call us at 503-612-3730.

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