Community Benefits and Impacts Advisory Group

About the Community Benefits and Impacts Advisory Group

To strengthen our commitment to creating a cleaner and more equitable future in Oregon, PGE has convened its Community Benefits and Impacts Advisory Group (CBIAG), in accordance with Oregon House Bill 2021. In partnership with our third-party facilitator, Espousal Strategies LLC, we aim to build understanding of our clean energy goals and engage with community members as collaborators in developing more equitable strategies. A biennial report filed with the Public Utility Commission will also be developed in consultation with the CBIAG, to assess the community benefits and impacts of PGE. The CBIAG is convened monthly and creates an inclusive forum that prioritizes feedback from members within our service area, including low-income and other environmental justice communities.

PGE’s CBIAG meetings will cover the following topics:

  • Energy burden and disconnections for residential and small commercial customers

  • Opportunities to increase contracting with businesses owned by women, veterans or Black, Indigenous, or People of Color

  • Actions within environmental justice communities within PGE’s service area intended to improve resilience during adverse conditions

  • Distribution of infrastructure or grid investments and upgrades in environmental justice communities in the electric company’s service territory, including infrastructure or grid investments

  • Social, economic or environmental justice benefits that result from PGE’s investments, contracts or internal practices

  • Customer experience and actions to encourage customer engagement

  • Other items as determined by PGE and the CBIAG

CBIAG Goals & Outcomes

Community voices

Create an equitable and inclusive community forum that allows PGE to collaborate, partner and collect feedback from environmental justice and other underrepresented communities in our service area.

Outcome: Center community voices across HB 2021 CBIAG-mandated community engagement focus areas.

PGE Community forum

Assist PGE in applying an equity lens across HB 2021 CBIAG-mandated community engagement focus areas.

Outcome: PGE holds a community forum to vet decisions on HB 2021 mandated focus areas, including a biennial report.

Long-term partnerships

Empower historically underrepresented communities, including those advocating for environmental justice, by providing them with knowledge about the energy industry, utility operations, and the decision-making process related to financial matters affecting customers.

Outcome: Create and maintain a long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with environmental justice communities and those who serve them (community-based and culturally specific organizations).

Get involved

PGE’s CBIAG meetings are be held monthly and centered around our CBIAG goals and outcomes. All customer and stakeholder groups including environmental justice advocates, ratepayer advocates, OPUC staff, government and community members are invited to attend as observers.

Attend our next meeting

PGE's CBIAG meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month (January-November) from 10am-12pm.

Upcoming 2024 meetings:

June 26, July 24, August 28, September 25, October 23, November 20

Resources and materials

Here you will find all information we’ve shared during the CBIAG meetings including past meeting presentations and supplemental materials.

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