Save Money

At home or in the office, you can cut costs and lower your carbon footprint when you save energy.

Save energy at home

No-cost & low-cost tips to save energy and lower your bill, whether you rent or own.


Tips, programs, and special offers to help you reduce energy and save money whether you rent or own.


Tips for saving energy and programs that pay you to use less.

For your home

Understand and control your energy use

Energy Tracker℠ shows you when and how you’re using energy, and how to save. It’s free, online and easy to use. 

Cash Back & Special Offers

Get the best deals and the most cash back for energy saving projects.

Smart Thermostat Rewards

Get more out of your smart thermostat and earn cash back year after year. And you thought it just saved energy.

For your business

Get paid to use less energy

PGE’s Energy Partner program gets you free smart thermostats, boosts your sustainability and helps manage your energy costs.

Free Energy Consultations

PGE and Energy Trust of Oregon can help your business improve lighting, HVAC and other systems so they cut energy costs and work better for you.

Save Big with LED Lighting

LEDs cut your energy use by up to 85 percent, and typically pay for themselves in 2 years or less.

Pinpoint Savings and Take Control

Track your energy use in 15-minute intervals for free with Energy Tracker. Get powerful online analysis for a single meter or entire complex with Energy Expert.

Quick tips to save your business energy

Energy-saving tips for lighting, hot water, office and manufacturing equipment, as well as many others.

More ways to save

More ways to save

Use energy more efficiently, even if you rent, by upgrading your existing items and systems. Learn about all the ways you can save.

  • Heating & Cooling
    One place to really reduce high energy bills.
  • Weatherization & Windows
    No matter how efficient your heating and cooling system, you’ll waste energy and your home will feel drafty if it isn’t weatherized.
  • Lighting
    Newer technologies mean now you can save a lot – and change bulbs a lot less – just by choosing the right light.
  • Water Heaters
    The second highest energy user in most homes.
  • Thermostats
    Want to save energy in winter and summer? You don’t have to get a new heating system to get started.
  • Appliances & Electronics
    With a few simple steps and tips, your appliances can help you save energy.