Free Wood Chips
When crews are trimming trees in your area

How it works

Our crews generate a lot of tree chips each year. We want to recycle all of them and do so as efficiently as possible.

That’s why we offer free wood chips in neighborhoods where we’re actively working.

Wood Chip Request Form Wood Chip Request

Wood chips, not bark dust

Our wood chips are a representative mix of all the material the tree crews deal with during normal operations.

More often than not, the chips will contain several varieties of trees – both evergreen and deciduous. The mix includes ground up tree wood, bark, needles and leaves (see picture).

These chips aren’t decorative bark dust, but have qualities that make them ideal for many uses:

  • Because the mix contains stored nutrients, they’re an excellent addition to your compost mix

  • You can also use them to supplement fertilizer in your garden or yard

  • Spread them along a walking path

  • Cover exposed soil to prevent erosion

Before requesting chips, consider:

  • PGE can only dump chips on private property, not on roads or other public rights of way

  • We will deliver either a full load or multiple loads only. A full load is 8 to 10 cubic yards (for comparison, a standard pickup truck can hold 1 cubic yard).

  • Trucks that deliver chips are tall, wide, heavy and hard to back in to tight spaces (see picture)

  • Low arbors, carports or garage overhangs can prevent truck access

  • Because we want to preserve our equipment and your property, we reserve the right not to dump chips once we arrive