Business Safety
Always use caution around electricity
Basic tips for your workplace

Electrical safety is a key part of workplace safety.

  • Attention to safety is the first step. Always use caution around all electrical circuits and equipment.

  • Know what to do in an emergency. Know how to turn off electricity.

  • If you see a victim of an electrical accident, stay back if they’re still in contact with a power source. Call 911 immediately! Do not try to help unless you know the power is shut off. Otherwise, you could become a victim, too.

  • Conduct an electrical safety audit:

    • Safe practices in place

    • Equipment in good condition

    • Cords and electrical equipment in good shape

    • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters in place and tested monthly

    • Only employees trained and qualified should work on electrical equipment

Learn outdoor safety rules and always call 811 PGE before you dig.

Assemble an outage kit for your business and learn about generator safety.

If you see a downed line, stay far back

Call PGE at 800-544-1795.