The PGE Drive Change Fund

Got an electrification project that needs funding?

From transit buses and passenger vehicles to electric bikes and community service vehicles, the PGE Drive Change Fund is all about electrifying transportation in Oregon. The DCF is made possible through the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s Clean Fuels Program. Since its inception in 2019, the Drive Change Fund has awarded millions of dollars to projects, including new electric vehicles and chargers, to help electrify transportation in Oregon. Do you have a local electric vehicle adoption, EV charging infrastructure or education project you would like us to fund? Get in touch.

Made possible by the Drive Change Fund

COR Disposal & Recycling is bringing cleaner air, quieter collections, and on the job training opportunities to Portland with the state’s first all-electric garbage truck.

Portland State University is creating opportunities for affordable, emissions-free transportation for students through their e-bike program.

How the Drive Change Fund works

Eligible project types include:

Project Requirements:

  • Completed in 18 months.

  • Supports education of and engagement with electric transportation in Oregon.

  • Provides a substantial education, environmental, and economic benefit to underserved communities and PGE residential customers.

Grant funding timeline and process

This is an open and competitive application process. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by a third party, in accordance with established evaluation criteria. Award funding is limited and will differ from project to project based on applicant request and available funding. 

Key milestones


February 1, 2024


PGE begins accepting applications online


April 1, 2024


Application closes at 5 p.m. PST


Last week of September


Awardees announced during National Drive Electric Week


June 30, 2026


Deadline for project completion

Get started

Make sure your project meets the requirements.

Review the program resources below to make sure your project meets the DCF requirements, preferences, goals, and scoring criteria.

Build a team.

Gain support within your organization and with project partners and community members.

Ask for help.

Communicate with the Grants Manager and Technical Experts with any questions. Reach out at

Get organized.

Put together your project details, discuss available funding sources, and develop a project timeline.

Turn it in on time.

Complete and submit your application online between February 1 and April 1, 2024.

Applying to the Drive Change Fund

Please review our list of resources below. We will also hold an applicant webinar on Wednesday, February 21 at noon, if you’d like to RSVP or have any questions about the application process, please email

2023 Drive Change Fund winners

Through our Drive Change Fund, millions of dollars have been awarded to organizations throughout Oregon who are helping build a clean energy future.

PGE Electric School Bus

The PGE Electric School Bus Fund is excited to bring more electric school buses to Oregon. Are you a public school district in PGE service area? Get in touch.

Matching Funds

Do you need to fund a transportation electrification project? In addition to the Drive Change Fund and Electric School Bus Fund, we also offer matching of external funds. Learn more about our funds here.