Services for Wireless Carriers

PGE’s collocation standards and services

Please review all documents listed under the Application Process Requirements, Collocation Criteria, General Wireless Guidelines section before submitting your first wireless collocation application. After initial review, please utilize the Pole Search database below to vet your potential collocation candidate. After candidate review, go to the appropriate section below and follow the process outlined in the Application Process/Wireless Carrier Checklist document. Always download new application documents from the webpage, rather than saving to your desktop, so you can be sure you are using the most up-to-date version of a document.

All wireless collocations require a Facilities Lease Agreement (FLA) and you must follow the Wireless process. If the pole/structure is owned by PGE, please DO NOT call into PGE’s Service Coordination department to request power hookup. The Wireless PM assigned to your project will facilitate power connection with PGE Service Coordination. If the pole/structure is owned by someone other than PGE, calling PGE Service Coordination is the correct method for service connection.

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