Ordering Temporary Service
Power your construction site or get power for short-term needs

Choose the temporary power that’s right for your project

Regular temporary service

Regular temporary service is metered, so you pay for the exact amount of energy you use per billing cycle. It also uses service equipment you own and requires an electrical permit.

It can be run overhead or underground. There is an installation fee plus monthly usage bills for this service.

Commercial construction customers, as well as those needing power for short-term projects – such as Christmas tree lots or food carts – should select regular temporary service.

Note: In areas with overhead power lines, only standard temporary service is available.

Gold temporary service for residential builders

Gold Temporary Service is the most convenient way for you to get temporary electrical service at a residential building site.

Gold Temporary Service may be used only for lights, tools and equipment necessary for the construction of the home(s). It may not be used for operation of permanently installed appliances, equipment or construction trailers, or to heat or dry structures under construction.

You can have Gold Temporary Service installed at any single-family residential building site in areas served by underground lines. (Some smaller multifamily units may also qualify.)

As of Jan. 1, 2019, Gold Temporary Service will be $430 for installation and 12 months of unmetered service to a construction site. The new price will be applied to all 2019 installations. This is our first price increase for the service since 2011. In that time, costs have steadily risen, and these adjustments will help offset the cost of installation.

How Gold temporary service works

After you order Gold temporary service, we will install a temporary pedestal at the property line with four 110- and one 220-volt receptacles.

With Gold temporary service, no government or municipality permits are required and no service inspections by us are needed. We take care of any maintenance of the pedestal.

After the final electrical inspection by the local governmental jurisdiction, we will install the permanent service and replace the temporary pedestal with a permanent pedestal cover.

Get started

  • To request temporary power, contact the service desk at 503-323-6700 M-F 7:30am-4:30pm.