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We know your business is focused on meeting its sustainability goals, but we also know you're focused on your bottom line. What if we told you that you could prioritize both through our Energy Partner programs?

We're here to help your business save money and ensure the energy it uses comes from affordable, reliable, and sustainable sources. And the perks don’t stop there — our Energy Partner programs reward your business for going green through incentives, marketing resources and more!

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Driving change one meal at a time

Meals on Wheels People is well known for delivering meals to older folks throughout the community. More than that, though, the organization is enriching the lives of seniors and helping them maintain independence by providing nutritious food, human connection and social support.

What began as a three-person operation feeding about two dozen people in the 1970s has evolved into local staff and volunteers producing 7,300 meals, four days a week in a 14,000-square-foot commercial kitchen. And with sustainability embedded into their culture, they've focused on reducing their impact on the environment as they grow.

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They partnered with PGE to achieve Earth Advantage certification, receive funding for electric vehicles and are exploring energy shifting and savings programs. Ready to get serious about your sustainability goals?

Energy Partner Smart Thermostat

Small. Simple. Smart. Many businesses have found the recipe for big savings was right up on their wall.

Energy Partner On Demand

Get paid to use less energy. Crazy, huh? But PGE actually pays large businesses and agencies to use less energy with Energy Partner On Demand.

Energy Partner Insights

Knowledge is quite literally power. Site-level insights allow commercial and industrial customers to control costs while reducing their energy use and carbon footprint.

Energy Partner Resiliency

Contribute to a clean energy future while also preparing for emergency situations with this on-site backup energy solution.

Energy Partner Design

Energy Partner Design is a service offering early-stage engineering support to larger projects to help you explore using electricity to make key building systems grid-interactive.

A creative way to save — just for our property managers

With PGE’s Connected Water Heater program, property management firms have turned their properties’ water heaters into income-producing assets.

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