Dispatchable Stand by Generators

Put your backup generators to work and save.

All good things to those who wait

You can learn more about the Dispatchable Standby Generation program below, but due to its popularity, the program is currently full. However, we have a waiting list and can notify you when participation is available. To get on the list, please contact your PGE representative or call 503-464-7893.


If your business requires standby generators to ensure vital production or service performance, you know the daily reality: You constantly maintain your backup system in the hope that it will perform when you need it.

For most of the year, however, the only thing your backup system generates is a stream of operational and maintenance expenses.

PGE’s Dispatchable Standby Generation program adds your standby generators to our reserves for when the local region has a critical need for power. In exchange, we:

  • Pay to upgrade your switchgear and install control and communications hardware, increasing your reliability and improving your control.

  • Assume most routine maintenance and operation costs for your system.

  • Typically pay for fuel consumed by the standby generator.

  • Pay for additional fuel storage, if needed, expanding your operating time during power outages.

  • Test your system monthly under full load, which helps ensure the generator will operate successfully when you need it and is better for the engine.

A powerful system

PGE provides funding to equip your standby generator with paralleling switchgear, allowing it to be synchronized with our grid. Qualifying commercial and industrial customers (typically those with standby generators of 500 kW and up) are connected to PGE’s system control center. The standby units are monitored real-time and dispatched from PGE’s control center.

In case of an outage, the standby generator functions as it normally would, providing back-up power to your facility for the duration of the outage. Then, when power returns to the grid, your facility moves back to utility power seamlessly.

How it works

Read our Dispatchable Standby Generators FAQ PGE, or download a brochure PGE that answers common questions about how Dispatchable Standby Generation works, why PGE offers it and how your business can take advantage of this savings opportunity.

Unleash the full potential of your standby generator

PGE customers participating in Dispatchable Standby Generation have contracted 115 MW. Interested? Let us provide a detailed analysis and proposal tailored to your business requirements. Please contact your PGE representative or call our 24/7 phone number, 503-464-7893.

If you already own a standby generator, or are considering purchasing a new generator or upgrading to a larger backup generation system, consider the extensive benefits of participation in PGE’s Dispatchable Standby Generation.

Small changes, big rewards

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Cut costs and carbon

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