Energy Partner Resiliency

Energy options to help your business maintain reliability

Maintain mission critical operations while earning rewards.

PGE cares about your business and knows that having access to clean, reliable power at all times is crucial to your operations. With Energy Partner Resiliency, we work with businesses like yours to provide backup options through batteries and on-site generation — allowing you to contribute to a clean energy future, prepare for emergency situations and receive a contribution toward the cost of your back-up resource.

How does it work?

During a critical grid need, your onsite backup resource will be called upon to produce electricity that is fed into the electric system. In exchange for this access, we provide an up-front financial contribution, assume responsibility for fuel costs (if applicable), routine monitoring and testing and most of the annual maintenance and operating costs including upgrades to select components.

Is Energy Partner Resiliency right for you?

There’s a lot your business can do to work toward your sustainability goals. We’re here to help you discover which Energy Partner programs make the most sense for your unique business needs.

Check out the Resiliency Fact Sheet PGE

Looking for more ways to manage your energy use? We’ve got options.

When it comes to how and when your business uses energy, optimization makes a real impact — and with Energy Partner Insights knowledge is quite literally power.

The more you can remove the guesswork around your business’ energy consumption, the better. Energy Partner Smart Thermostat gives you more control of your energy use while helping you save money year-round.

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