Be Prepared

Have a plan for power outages and troubleshoot power problems in your home or office.

Prepare your home

Get ready for storms and whatever Mother Nature may throw our way.

Prepare your business

Tips to protect your business and minimize disruptions.

We're stronger, safer and more resilient together

As we build a clean energy future and resilient grid, we know teamwork is how things get done. Cascadia Ready and Relay Resources are two local businesses who make the perfect team. Safety-driven and people-focused, they work together in creating stronger, more resilient communities.

Wondering how you can prepare for emergencies? Cascadia Ready is a great resource, and we are too. Check out this video about them, and then get started at the links above.

Report an outage and get updates

If you're a residential or small business customer, we'll text you if your power goes out, so you shouldn't need to report it. But if you don't get a text, you can still report outages. Just download our mobile app, report online or call:

Power Problems? We can help.

Check out these troubleshooting tips for home, office and facilities.